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Nefis VIP Excursions

Nefis Travel offers distinctive quality excursions, traditional in origin, for smaller groups, at affordable prices. A new formula for memorable holidays. Book online and get a 10% early booking discount!


A unique trip to discover the shipwreck bay without mass tourism surrounding you. Our journey begins early in the morning with a scenic guided bus tour to the north-east of Zakynthos. At the authentic harbor of Micro Nisi, we board on a 25 passengers seated glass bottom speedboat and sail to the crystal blue bay of the famous Shipwreck, while dolphins might bid you a pleasant day. We enjoy a delightful hour and leave before the influx of other tourists on larger tour boats even begins .With our right size speedboat we can go inside and explore the Blue Caves ,who are situated on the east-side of Zante, here you are able to enjoy a swim and take pictures. If you choose to swim you'll become as blue as a Zakynthian Smurf by swimming in the magical Blue caves! Enjoy lunch in a charming seaside village, and swim and pamper yourself for one hour at Xigia, a enchanting natural sea spa, rich in sulphur & collagen. The Nefis Sand Scrub will revitalize your energy & polish your skin!

VIP BACK TO THE ROOTS : NOT TO BE MISSED for SEEKERS of Authentic Zakynthos!!!! Young & Old

Travelling by luxury Mercedes Benz minibus, we have the opportunity to travel with an interactive and highly flexible schedule at a very relaxed pace, and are able to visit authentic places where larger bus tours simply can not reach. Back to the Roots will invigorate your senses, providing a fantastic opportunity to dig into the roots of the islands culture. You meet local residents while enjoying off the beaten track scenery and the hidden treasures of Zakynthos. In a very friendly and laid back style, your guide, Jackie Boots, shares music and beautiful stories from Greek mythology. We guarantee you the best holiday tour so good that it will be the crown on your stay in Zakynthos! Live music in a picturesque tavern Stroll through a Zakynthian village. Visit a traditional market Visit the Olive Mill museum and the oldest shop of Zakynthos with Grandpa Nionios! Beautiful panoramic view of the famous Shipwreck from above Visit a Monastery and meet the priest Visit the picturesque harbour of Keri!

The VIP Eco-friendly turtle tour : we care, we offer more

Join us, with a member of the Sea Turtle Protection Society, who provides a presentation on the Caretta Caretta turtle as we cruise the magical National Marine Park. We abides strictly to the eco friendly manner in observing the Caretta Caretta turtles, in this way we assist in their preservation, have the opportunity to take unique snapshots of these enchanting animals from up close, without disturbing them! You will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the extraordinary turquoise waters of the most spectacular excluded white sand-pebble beaches, away from the crowds, situated around Turtle Island and the famous Keri Caves. Your guide will share lots of information about the area and its history. If required, the children on board can participate in a pirate game, where they learn about Greek Mythology, whereby they obtain a pirates diploma. Getting acquainted with the sea turtles and their habitat & swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise sea! Will provide the ultimate vacation day!

VIP ZANTE DELIGHT, a tasteful south island tour!

This unique afternoon island tour is focused around the South of Zakynthos and Zante Town. We start in the late afternoon on the balcony of Zakynthos, in a small village known as Bochali; the perfect place to enjoy spectacular views of Zante town, the south of Zakynthos and the Mainland of Greece . We move onto the Solomos wine factory to learn about - and of course to taste the best wines in Zante! It's then time for a little Zakynthian gold (olive oil). We travel on to the Aristeon olive oil factory, where you are proudly shown how local olive oil is cultivated. Having tasted the very best of local Zante produce we travel down to the main Town of Zante,Dionysios Solomos Square . Where your Nefis Travel guide will provide you with a detailed map pointing to places of interest (like the impressive Church of Saint dionysius ) and an invitation to a wonderful international or authentic Greek dinner, with live traditional music.

VIP KEFALONIA IF I AM A POET, THE AIR OF GREECE HAD MADE ME ONE Lord Byron, resident of Kefalonia for many years.

The authentic and unique elements you experience on this extraordinary tour are made possible by the fact that we travel on a luxury Mercedes Benz minibus. During this daytrip, we journey to the traditional villages untouched by time and are able to visit places where larger bus tours simply can not reach. You be one of the few to experience the other side of the largest island in the Ionian Sea, and be charmed by the locals with their Kefalonian hospitality. During the course of the day we will also visit the more commercialized and beautiful natural highlights of Kefalonia like Melissani lake and the Drogerati cave, but always planned in a way, that you would not wait in line with the crowds! Kefalonia with her rich mythical history and many legends, has one big question that remains, where did King Odysseus live? Kefalonia or Ithaca? Join us on this Odyssey!


Our unique trip to Olympia takes place in a luxury minibus. Not only do you travel as a VIP, but your tour provides a totally different experience than experienced by those who travel on a large coach. To share your time with your guide in the museum and archaeological site of Olympia with a small group, will benefit to a truly VIP Olympia feeling, you will feel like an ancient winner yourself . This guided tour is very flexible and interactive, will give you plenty of information concerning the ancient Olympic Games, and give the change to explore and enjoy all the beauty around you, at your own pace. We have time free time in the modern village of Olympia for refreshments and souvenir shopping before we start our return journey.

VIP Sunset Symphony : During the summer, we will offer a variety of different type of Sunset tours.

With A pick nick in the mountains, the light house of Keri, you can enjoy the beauty of the Zakynthian white limestone cliffs while the horizon lights up with Swirls of pink and orange, Fading to blue and purple in the Ionian sea. This right moment to raise our glasses to the good way of life. We will visit the harbor of Keri for a little stroll, to get the ultimate romantic photo settings for your holiday. With a champagne cruise, you can enjoy a refreshing afternoon dip in the water, while sailing towards an enchanting sunset where we greet the sun as it slowly falls down from the horizon to greet the Ionian Sea ( weather permitted) With a Greek night in the mountain village of Kampi , you can combine a beautiful sunset dinner, overlooking the white cliffs with the setting sun, while you are invited to become a zorba or zorbarina wanna be!

VIP PANIGIRI : a cultural experience

During the summer many activities in Zante centre on local cultural festivals. Nefis Travel Zakynthos provides the opportunity to experience these cultural festivals first hand. You are able to walk, dance and dine among the local Zakynthian people at these cultural events. Varying in theme, from church name days, village wine festivals, local theatre evenings, to dance nights in the village there are many exciting local events taking place in the various communities of Zakynthos. These authentic days and evenings spent out and about with Nefis Travel Zakynthos provide true cultural experiences, not to be missed!

VIP TAILORMADE TOURS in and outside Zakynthos

Are you travelling with a group and would love to create your private VIP day out? With our fantastic guiding expertise and a thorough knowledge of the island and mainland Greece, we take pleasure and go out of our way by creating a personal programme tailored to the needs of your Holiday or wedding and hen parties. Ask us about this special opportunity and let us surprise you, by the affordable prices, for these memorable guide tours on your holiday at Zakynthos.

VIP yes, I DO and weddings

If you have been thinking of how to make the most romantic marriage proposal, your prayers have now been answered! Imagine: In a chauffeur driven luxury minibus you will make your way to an idyllic harbor town and board on a private speedboat. You will cruise to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Shipwreck Bay. Before any tourists arrive on your beach, the captain will whisk you off to your own blue lagoon. It is here on the white sandy beach that you will open your picnic basket which holds the champagne. You will sip away whilst watching the most enchanting blue sea and ask that all important question will you marry me?.

After he or she has said yes, the next step would be a VIP wedding on Zante .We work with the islands leading wedding co-ordinators to offer great wedding packages. They will pay special attention to all the little details that are so important on your wedding day, feel free to make an appointment while on holiday.

Nefis VIP Excursions

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Levante Speedboat Trips

MORNING TRIP: The SHIPWRECK and the BLUE CAVES 8:30pm to 1:00pm (approx.)

The four and a half hours of fun and excitement start at 8:30am when Captain Spiros takes the Levante Speedboat out of the local harbour at Tsilivi and opens up the engines. Just forty minutes later yours is the FIRST PARTY OF THE DAY TO LAND ON THE SHIPWRECK BEACH where you can step down off the front of the boat or, if you are brave enough to take on the crystal clear but cold water of the bay, you can dive straight off the back. Captain Spiros will tell you the complete history of the Shipwreck and then conduct fun and games on the beach.

Then its all aboard for the next stop the Blue Caves, visiting on the way many interesting features of this rugged coast. And this is where the Captain demonstrates his skill with his powerful boat, speeding through the rock gaps and arches, thrilling all on board. Arriving at the Caves, Captain Spiros now shows how delicately he handles the Levante at low speed, TAKING THE BOAT INTO EACH OF THE CAVES in turn. This unique feature of the Levante Speedboat trip allows both swimmers and non-swimmers alike to experience the glorious colours in the Caves while the Captain points out the many interesting rock formations and corals to be seen above and below the waterline. Once again Captain Spiros weighs anchor, this time heading for the beautiful little fishing port called St Nicholas. Here everybody disembarks for a swim off the beach or perhaps some refreshment at the delightful, family-run fish taverna nestling right on the waters edge. Finally, with everyone completely relaxed, the Captain whisks you back to Tsilivi, arriving there at about one oclock after a fun-packed, exciting and memorable morning.

AFTERNOON TRIP: TURTLE SPOTTING and the KERI CAVES 1:00pm to 6:30pm (approx.)

At 1:30pm Captain Spiros guides the Levante Speedboat out of the local harbour at Tsilivi. At 1:31pm he lets the twin engines roar and the fun begins. Thirty five minutes later you arrive in the National Marine Park Area where only smaller boats like the Levante Speedboat are allowed. He heads straight for the part where he knows from many years of experience that the turtles will be gathering before going ashore to lay their eggs . HE ALWAYS FINDS TURTLES. You spend time with the turtles to observe their behaviour and admire their timeless serenity. When everybody on board have all the photos they want, the Captain then sets out at speed for Marathonisi (Turtle Island so called for its shape as seen from the shore of Zakynthos). This unspoilt, idyllic island is off-limits to the bigger ships because it is a Nature Reserve. Dismounting from the front of the boat straight onto the shelving, shingley beach, you can luxuriate in the crystal clear waters which are warmed by the bright afternoon sun perfect for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. After a refreshing dip, you head off towards the Keri Caves, passing through the many arches and gaps in the rocks at high speed, Captain Spiros once again showing his prowess at the wheel of his powerful boat.

On reaching the Caves, he delicately manouveurs the LEVANTE SPEEDBOAT INTO ALL THE ACCESSIBLE CAVES where his wide ranging knowledge gives you a true guided tour of the wonders to be seen both above and below the sea surface. (It is highly recommended that you take your snorkelling equipment with you.) Once the tour is over it is time for another high speed run, this time to Banana Beach where the soft sand, warm waters and a great taverna invite the traveller to stop and relax after all the excitement of the previous four hours. When everyone has been restored Captain Spiros sets off back to Tsilivi, pausing briefly in Zakynthos Town harbour to photograph the waterfront panorama then finally docking at Levante Speedboats home port in Tsilivi at around 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening, at the end of another fun-packed, exciting and memorable trip.

Levante Speedboat Trips

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