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Trip to Nysiros Volcano

Carol D          10/10

Someone suggested to take a peice of rock from the volcano,,,,,,, DO NOT take a peice of anything from the volcano!!!!!!! I have since learned that it is considered very bad luck to do so, and a friend who comes from Hawiai, told me that from young, they are taught it is disrespectful to do so, and in the entrance of a museum there, there is a glass case full of rocks, stones, even sand, that tourists from all over the world, have posted back to the island! I took some before I knew all this, and my luggage went missing with the rocks in it, my boyfriends luggage arrived safely! I made a promise to reurn the rocks if I could please get my case back, and within the hour, it was located,,,,,,,,,, belive what you will, but my advise is to NOT mess with stuff you don't know about! Mike did tell us in a fun sort of way 'don't wake the sleeping Giant'!!!!!!!!

Angie P          9/10

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 This is such a fab trip! From the boat trip to the walk round the town, to the volcano! Our Olympic guide Costas was brilliant and full of knowledge. The island is a fantastic place and full of history. The village of Emporia where only 14 people live was amazing, but also quite sad. The volcano is very interesting and still steaming and smelly! The crater is huge, but wear sensible shoes cos it's a bit tricky to to get down in the crater. As our trip didn't start till 11.30am we were treated to a glorius sunset from the boat on the way back.....everyone was transfixed. Magical!!

Tim B          10/10

If you decide to do only one excursion whilst in Kos make it Nissyros. This Island is a tiny volcanic spot in the ocean with only 1000 people on it and the most beautiful villages I have ever seen. A 1 hour trip by boat and a scary coach trip ( dont look at the tyres) up the hairpin bends to the caldera of the volcano just to have a look at some smelly holes ! sounds a bit dull but it was AMAZING well worth every Euro. The town is wonderful ...just as you would hope for a greek town. We found a little square under the shade of some trees, had a cold drink and just chilled getting ready for the boat trip back.

Debbie L          8/10

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this trip was good to go and see it but if you have small children maybe a bit boring as you are on a boat for a long time (its a very early start) then straight on a coach to the heart of the volcano, stop for a hour for the rep to tell you all the history, which was interesting. back on the coach then you walk to a church for a bit more history then resturant (the food was not good) then a couple of hours to have a wander around. really pretty, glad i went but wouldnt go again. also on the way back on the boat it is really cold, take a sweatshirt you will need it.

Bill H          10/10

 If you go to Kos you must go to Nisyros.  It involves a short ferry trip from Kardamena, bus journey from the port of Mandraki and approx 45 mins exploring the main crater.  It is dormant, however, don't be put off by this.  There are gurgling noises from below the surface, yellow sulphur patches all over the site, localised hot spots with gas and vapour coming out of the earth.  The views going to and from the crater are breathtaking so remember your camera.  All in all an experience I am very pleased to have encountered.

There is also a monastery and a fort worth visiting, which give great views of the island and Kos.  You will also have time to explore Mandraki where there are lots of cafes and shops.
One important thing to remember - I was advised by Theokritis Travel to wear "good shoes".  Flip flops are not recommended!
I arrived back in Tingaki by 5pm which was ample time to prepare for the evening activities.

Anne K          10/10

We visited Nysiros in September last year while staying in Kefalos. We took a day trip to the island which
was fantastic, volcano well worth a visit. We drove around in hire car and went up to the small village of Nikya which is perched on top of the mountain. Beautiful place where we had a lovely meal. Will def go back.

Chris B           

Dong!!! the most amazing place on earth natural sauna in the rocks! breathtaking views and amazing little villages, a must see place! cant wait to return

John Z           

just have to go,doesnt look like much from the top,but once your inside,its amazing

Jill K           

Had a lovely boat trip to island ,a beautifull island,and volcano quite amazing,still smoking and bubbling away,nice monestry,that we didnt find untill later so didnt have time to walk to it, but told it is worth seeing.A lovely place to go for a few days if you want to get away from it all.

Paul T           

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeThis is a great excursion, the crater in the volcano doesn't look much from above but is very impressive once you get down into it with bubbling mud and hot springs dotted about and some interesting geological formations. You get about 45 mins in the crater which is plenty of time to have a wander around then it's back to Mandraki where you get the rest of the day to explore, Mandraki is picture postcard Greece with it's narrow winding streets and waterfront tavernas, watch out for the Greek lady with the Australian accent at Mike's Taverna, very bizarre listening to her speak!
After reading some of the reviews on here I thought the coach journey up to and into the volcano itself was a little tame, the coach trip to the Samaria Gorge on Crete - now that's scary!
We went with Theokritos Travel in Tingaki and they were absolutely faultless, very prompt, friendly and professional and great value for money.

Danielle L           

Just like A Walker (see below) we did the guided tour with Libra holidays and Mike was our guide too. Was amazing. Mike was attentive, very informative, helpful, organised, pleasant and the island itself was beautiful. Very interesting place. Just make sure you wear good shoes, you can't go in the crater in flip-flops, they'll melt. Unforgetable. 

Ali J           

What can i say, im not a 'tourist' who does all the trips but this one was the best ever.

A fantastic boat trip to a gorgeous little island where i had the best Kalamari ever !
The winding little streets are amazing with tiny little shops and idyllic tavernas along the sea front.
The volcano was amazing - we went right into the crater and it was just unbelievable.
Smell wasnt the best but the experience will stay with me forever.

Nicki G           

Well worth a visit!

We booked it through our first choice rep at our hotel and found the whole day a very well organised, interesting experience.
You have time to look around the town on Nysiros (your typical greek town - beautiful winding, narrow streets, good selection of tavernas to get a snack or a drink) and if you get a chance walk up to the monestary - even if you don't go inside, the views from the top of the hill give you an excellent photo opportunity!
Then it's into the volcano. The tour guide was very informative about the island, as well as the volcano itself. A bus takes you up one side of the volcano then drop down inside the crater on very narrow windy roads so if you don't like heights it may be a good idea to shut your eyes!
Once inside the main crater you have chance to have chance to look around and actually go inside the smaller, active craters and see things like boiling mud and steam vents.
It does get extremely hot down down there though as there is no wind and with the sulphur gases it is a very smelly experience!  But nevertheless one well worth having!

A W           

Booked through our libra rep who use Kardamena travel. We took the more expensive guided option and we really glad we did.The unguided is basically just a coach from your hotel and the ferry - then you have to buy another ticket for the volcano when yo get there.

On our tour the guide - Mike - was a english guy living on nissyros who gave us a full tour of the island avoiding all the other coaches - and what he doesn't know about Nissyros and this part of greece probably isn't worth knowing.
An excellent day out but the ferry crossing was a bit choppy

Ben M           

Nissyros is amazing, the Volcanoe, the island, the villages are all beautiful and definately worth a visit!!

However if you are staying is Lambi beware of where you buy you're trip. We stayed in Hotel Atlantis which is amazing and decided to book to trip to Nissyros through a very nice travel agent next to the Petrol Station on the main road in Lambi. The trip was fine until we tried to get back on the ferry back to Kos and were told we had been sold one way tickets by the travel agent/rip off merchant.
Take the trip to Nissyros as it was one of the most beautiful places and experiences, but beware of who/where you buy.


The volcano was brill and i really reccommend going the town is lovely, very scenic and unspoilt!beware though if you get scared of hights, the coach to the volcano travels up a steep road(VERY NARROW) so close your eyes!!!!!!but yeah this was well worth doing, it really is something different Dont book through the tour operator we saved 2/3 by booking at kos harbour and my son went free, 15year old daughter was classed as a child.

Lionel W           

We went in mid May 2006 with Sail Away Travel in Kardamena. The boat was a good size and clean and comfortable. Nysiros is a lovely green island, and the village was really great, with narrow streets. There is a good selection of places to eat. The volcano was really strange, a bit like walking on the surface of the moon, but much, much hotter. Than God for the snack bar nearby. Interestingly, despite the fact that there is no vegetation in the crater itself, there were thousands of crickets and butterflies. This is a must do trip for anyone visiting Kos, but wear shoes wiyhthickish soles. 

Elisabeth H           

My family went on this trip with theokritos travel in tingaki, our journey was really comfortable and our guide Annie was a fountain of knowledge. We all had a fantasic time and would love to go back. Well worth the money


Amazing and breathtaking, a nice boat trip to the island then onto a bus up around all the narrow roads (quite scary) but wen u see the view youl be amazed. You can walk down into the volcano, dont 4get ur camera and they sell postcards of the volcano too, totaly recommend this excursion, how many ppl do u know has been in a volcano?!

Pete S           

We've been on loads of excursions over the years, but Nysiros is my all-time favourite.  The boat trip is neither too long or too short and when you get there you discover the loveliest unspoilt island imaginable.  The coach trip into (and I do mean into) the volcano is brilliant -- jaw-dropping vertical views, tiny winding roads, and when you reach the top you drive down into the rim of the volcano.  After the bus parks, you walk down right on to the crust of the cauldera.  Absolutely fascinating.  Don't miss walking through the village of Mandraki (where the ferry port is).  It's like stepping back in time -- wonderful.

Julie G           

I was not looking foward to this excursion, i have no interest in Volcanos but it was well worth it. We booked with Kardemena travel and unlike other tours ours had everything included. Our guide was Mike and he was great, he lived on Nysiros and in my book he is a saint coz he rescued a puppy, if you meet him ask him about Rupert.
Nysiros is a beautiful, unspoilt island and i would recommed you dont miss it.

Alex G           

The coach trip gave a nice view of the Island even if on a few dodgy mountain top roads.  I wish we would have had longer in the crater itself, we only got 30-35 mins there which didnt leave enough time to walk around the crater.  Then we had to go back to the coach, just to spend the rest of the trip in the little town (which is very nice).  The crater was good with the water in the holes bubbling, just be carefull where you stand, the floor can be quite hot and I only had flip flops on.  The crater stinks of rotten eggs from the sulpher but overall well worth it.

Vidur K           

It was very exciting .I am 7 years old and I managed to climb down and up .It was interesting to see the hot air coming out of the holes.The boat ride took a hour and a half.


click to enlargeAbsolutely fantastic. What a great day. The boat trip was very quick (about an hour) and there was always something to look at. The bus ride to the volcano crater is abit hair-raising (very steep cliffs and winding roads) but the drivers have done it a million times before.

The walk down to the crater is quite steep (take some sensible shoes) but it's well worth it. You can feel the ground bubbling under your feet and you can really smell the sulphur as it pours out of the massive holes in the ground. You can tell why so many film crews have used this place as the setting for an alien landscape - it does feel and look like a completely different world.
If you're into natural phenomena's then this is well worth a visit. Enjoy!! 

Sam D           

Booked it through Olympic, great day. The little village at the top of nysiros is like the one in the olivio adverts! kostas the gide was brilliant, very informative, always keeping you in the shade where possible, not pushy in any way. Volcano was cool, stank of sulphur though! thoroughly enjoyed it, once in a lifetime.

Laura S           

We had a great day were, suitably impressed with the Volcano and it's boiling mud! The town was lovely tho we couldn't do much walking as other half's legs were quite sunburnt!! Boat was good, our coach to volcano was included by Tingaki Express. The talk the girl gave us was good as was the tour round some of the town to the monastry. On our return we actually bought the photo from the morning, it is the only one we have of us both together from the whole holliday,(and it looks ok!!).

Martin & esther S           

I guess this is going to be one of those love it or hate it trips. Iím not going to say that everyone will enjoy it as much as we did. If youíre the sort of person who likes a fun-packed night out in Kardemena then this trip may not appeal to you.
We paid 23 Euros per adult and children were half price (under 2ís go free). Beware those that donít tell you about the 7 Euro bus fare to get you to the volcano, which everyone has to pay (we later spotted the best deal with Trust Car Hire at 20 Euros. The worst deal was with the reps at 27 Euros).
This is what we liked about the trip: the variety. For your money you get a great boat trip; to explore the wonderful island village of Nisyros (thereís half a dozen ways to spell this); a bus trip and a volcano visit thrown in. We thought it was very good value for money. We departed from Kefalos harbour at 9:30am and arrived on Nysiros at 10:45. The bus rep told us we were on a 12:30 bus, so we explored the magical village of Nisyros which has some wonderful back streets and buildings. We had a leisurely lunch at one of the portside tavernas (none were Ďgreasy Joesí in our view!). The bus takes you the 17 Km up the mountain via a succession of hair-pin bends with some fantastic views. You drop down into the valley of the volcano, but are only given 35mins to explore on foot, which was a bit disappointing. This allows just enough time to walk down into the crater and back. We managed this carrying a 3 yr old on shoulders and with a 7 yr old, all wearing strong sandals (we did see some wearing flip-flops and they managed, but we also saw some ending up on their backside when the slipped! The volcanic ash and stone on the path down can be a bit slippery if youíre not firm footed). The smells from the sulphur are great, and not too overpowering. Steam and smells come out from various pot holes on the crater surface Ė itís unique.
On return to Nisyros we had time to explore a little more. We walked up to the Monastery, which closed about 2:45pm, but the views are worth the walk up anyway. There was just enough time for a leisurely drink at a bar before catching the boat back to Kos. We thought it was a great day out, but you will know if this is the sort of thing that you like.

Janet W           

We booked this trip as with others at Theokritos travel in Tingaki.It cost 25 euros for adults and kids half price. The price included the coach from the harbour to the volcano. The ride up to the volcano is a bit scary, the road is only wide enough for the coach and very windey(not for the faint hearted!) When we got out of the coach the immediate smell of rotten eggs hit us(sulphur). We thought the volcano was a very educational experience for ourselves and our children. There is a small shop at the top selling drinks, ice-creams and souveniers.

Matthew L           

this is what me and my girlfriend called the trip from hell.For starters we were both nursing hangovers so were just looking to have a smooth trip,how wrong we were.The boat trip over was the worst boat trip i had ever experienced,it was full of germans who looked at us like dirt on their shoes.Me and my girlfriend laughed that if the fashion police boarded the boat they would have had a field day.when we finally arrived we were told that we had to pay an extra 7 euros extra for the coach!i thought that was a bit of a cheek seeing as we had already spent 25 euros on the all the germans were first on the buses as we had to wait around in the harbour for our coach.the coach ride again was probably the worst coach ride i have ever been was just like the ending bit of the italian job,so imagine that with a hangover!when the coach arrived at the so called volcano we were just let off the bus to see this crater.before i could say get me out of here the coach had spun off.there was no tour guide,nobody to tell us when to get picked up,it was crazy.i did have a look at the so called volcano and thought it was rubbish.i had been to a volcano before in lanzarote and it was brilliant.they done a little show and had proper never usually a moany person believe it or not but for this i really do not want other people to go through what we went through.nisyross itself was like a ghost town and we were so happy to get bank on hms hamburg and get back to have been warned!

Claire N           

To be honest what more do you expect to see from a Volcano?? It was something ill probably never see again, it wasnt what i expected but it was interesting
Im not a great sightseeer but i did like the trip, one thing, make sure you wear trainers or shoes, flip flops kill your feet walking down into the crater.
Lovely peaceful island where my unsociable boyfriend wants to live.

Good trip!"!!

Lisa S           

We went on all our trips with theokritos travel in tingaki and this was really good, how often do you get to stand in the crater of a volcano. The smell of Sulphur (rotten eggs)was really strong and its quite a trek into the crater. Bus ride was a bit scary. The village was nice, so quiet if you go there is a drink they sell on that island only called soumada and is made from ground islands, we brought home 2 bottles and its like a cordial you just add water and its lovely.


Nisyros was very boring.It is safe to take children.Thesmell of sulphur was very strong.all there is is a hole covered in dust.Take my advice and save your money.

Emma L           

Had dolphins jumping along side of the boat on the trip over there, village was so beautiful, volcano was amazing, highly reccomend this trip to all. Only advice is book independantly, rather than from your rep, its the same trip, but half the price.

Tracy A           

This trip is a must for all ages 13 of us in group mixed ages we all enjoyed it. You will need sensible shoes no flip flops as is gets pretty hot. The small village you visit after the volcano is also a nice place to visit very pretty with a small selection of gift shops.

Kirsten W           

this trip was out of this world. only thing is though, take sensible shoes, because the trip into the crater is a bit of a hike. the boat trip over was beautiful, and the bus driver did a fantastic job on the winding mountain roads. it was one of the most memorable days of our holiday, and there were plenty of children. we booked with the local greek travel agent in kos town and only paid 25 euros for the day, including ferry and bus to the volcano. niseros town itself is absolutly stunning!!we would recommend it for all ages!!

Andy A           

We went on this trip, a mixed group (13 of us). We had 2 children 4 and 7, and a couple of teenagers. All of us had a great time. The volcano was amazing, as long as you have a pair of sensible shoes on then the kids will be fine. A bit of a climb down to the bottom but well worth it. The time in the village was just as good. You wondered where the picture postcard greece is, well this is it, real traditional greece. Highly reccomended trip.

Lisa S

Would love to go on this trip, but from the reviews am wondering if it would be safe with kids. Would you take kids?


did this trip last year. don't go if ur afraid of heights the coach goes so high. worth it though the volcano is amazing. make sure you take your own food and drink the shop is so dear and packed. xx

Richard F           

Me and my girlfriend did this trip back in july 2000 and loved it! I havnt been back to kos
since then but will hopefullly one day as we had a great time.

The boat to the island was good but the coach up to the volcano was bl**dy scary! the
coach drivers are maniacs! the roads are just large enough to fit one coach so when you sit
by the window you look as though your hanging over the edge! but im sure theyve done it
enough and no what there doing?!

great trip fully recommend it! volcano is fantastic!

Sue M           

we went on the trip early may. the volcano was amazing to walk round, the monastry was ok but not much to look at. The village of Mandraki was lovely the views were spectacular

Ralph F           

we went to the volcano during October the second time there and enjojed it just as much as the first time, a bit of advice though do not go through rep it will cost you around 3 times as much, we went from Kos town and booked at the office there the day before you may have to take a taxi into town depending on where you are staying but these are cheap enough, the monestery is a bit of a climb and not really worth going to it, unless of course you have a religiouse reason to do so not to much to see, there is a very nice little taverna on the sea wall below the monestery, not greasy, clean, good food not to expensive, if you have the time visit Artin at the photographers shop he has some stunning pics of Nysiros and a good selection of music about Kos and Nysiros, not the run of the mill greek music again not to expensive really nice bloke not to busy to tell you all you want to know of the island, so should you decide to holiday on Kos try to get out to Nysiros.

Rebecca R           

I enjoyed visiting the volcano we caught a baot from kardamena harbour. It was a very good trip how ever when u get there we had to hang around so we went to the cathedral place but u have soooo many steps to get up by the time you get there u have to turn around and go back down. Anyway the bus trip to the top of the volcano is scary if u dont like hieghtsas the road is big enough to fit one coach down and you then have to overtake another bus on a corner which can prove difficult! When you finally get to the volcano it stinks and it does take you breath away! Another word of advise is if you have breathing difficulties then do not go as i went with my stepdad and it was very hard for him t get on to the crust f the volcano!

S W           

its supposed to be a fu*kin holiday in kardamena, a fu*kin party place, u are all sick fu*kin daftys. mon the young ppl.

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greenock boyz on tour - watch oot ya fanniezzzzzzz

John B           

Took the tour from the harbour at 25 euros (actually 23 as there was 3 of us) Great tour made even better by a really knowledgable guide.

H P           

I loved this excursion. There isn't else on Nysiros worth seeing so enjoy the volcano. The bus journey up inside it isn't frightening at all and i'm scared of heights. It was extremely windy there in October so we had to becareful not to stand too close to the edge. There are no saftey barriers. It is quite slippery to get down into and takes some time so start back up early so you don't miss the bus back to the harbour.

The volcano was great and very educational. You could see the sulphur bubbling up and it was an amazing natural to see. I thoroughly recommend going.

When you get back down i wouldn't bother visiting the monastry and avoid the greasy spoon cafes on the harbour at all costs.

Claire C           

This trip is really worthwhile, we paid 10 euro for the boat and a meal included, we did have to pay another 7 euro for the bus to take us to the Volcano though. The volcano is amazing and really stinks, when you get to the bottom you can see parts where the mud is bubbly and steam is shotting out. If you have a camcorder this is def the place to take it, the noise that the crater makes at the bottom is something I wish I had captured!!

Judith B           

The Volcano was fantastic, but Thomas Cook overcharged us for it!

The monastary is wonderful too.

Kev F           

We enjoyed the trip. Previous comments suggested that 'going it alone' was much cheaper than the reps price but taking into the account boat/bus costs and the included meal there wasn't that much in.
The views from the road were fantastic not frightening - lovely mountainous views. The scenery within the crater area was 'just like so impressive man' and right at the bottom steam hissing out of small vents just to remind you that it wasn't dead yet. I was expecting a really bad stink but in the end it was just a bit chemically, although it was stronger at the bottom.
There was time for a peaceful drink at the end before the trip home.
A good day out

Andy F           

Liked this trip alot. Well worth the money.
Volcano does stink, but you get used to it - whoever thought of putting a bar next to a volcano is a brave guy.
The small town was peaceful & good views etc.

Joy T           

The boat trip was an hour from Kardamena. The coach trip was about 15/20 mins i think. It certainly is worth going to see the crater and the island is so quiet and relaxing the total opposite to Kalymnos main town.

The sulphur smell is very strong. It is possible to walk on the crater although not recommended for people who have heart complaints etc including asthma. We went with airtours The whole trip was without any pressure to do anything or go anywhere. The trip to them monastery in Mandraki is worth it for the views, as well as seing round the village.

Having read comments made by other people i expected the whole journey to be very scary, but it was only the same as roads on any other mountainous island

Gemma W

How long are you on a boat for on this trip?How long is the journey on the coach?

Karen H           

A great trip. we did have a guide,Marty, who was very good. The trip into the crater and caldera are awesome but smelly!!

Paul O           

We took a tour organised by JMC - the boat trip was good - the
coach trip to the crater was VERY hairy as no matter where you
sit you see over the edge - be prepared for your heart to jump to
your mouth as you look down slopes that fall away some 400
meters or more.

The crater is spectacular - it also stinks, you do get used to it tho.

A very good day out.

Wayne C           

Nysiros is a beautiful island. Don't go on the trip with reps. Theres a guy (from Nysiros) in the harbour at Kardamena with his own boat "Konstantianoz", go on the "special tour" on Thursday. This takes you to Mandraki where you are met by an English guide (Mike) that lives on the island, he walks you around Mandraki and then by coach to two of the mountain villages and on to the Volcano. The trip continues on to another harbour and beach at Pallis where you catch the boat back to Kardamena. Its a great, full day out. Costs 30 Euros that includes the boat, guide and the coach.

Lisa H           

The volcano is absolutely fantastic to see but it is very hot up there and does stink a lot.

I didn't actually go down into the crater as there isn't much of a path and it's a lot of clambering down rocky slopes (shoes didn't have much grip) but my partner went down and he said although it smelt a lot worse down there, the view was awesome.

Having read this site before I visited, as I'm scared of heights I was a bit worried about the coach ride up but honestly it isn't that bad, the coach driver knows the roads like the back of his hand and you don't get that close to the edge. In fact, the views are so fantastic you won't want to get off!

Having had an excursion to Nysiros, although the volcano is great and there are a few tavernas and shops in town, the town isn't huge and for around 3 and a half hours after seeing the volcano to be left there is a bit tedious and boring. Nysiros is very open at the harbour so beware of getting sunburnt.

Definitely worth seeing though.

Trevor J           

Had a Great time on Nissayros Volcano. Loved the Coach trip..Also good timing as its only one way road and there are buses going up and down all day. enjoyed the small church that seemed to be buried in rock. long walk to it too up loads of stairs.

Lorraine C           

Nysiros was great! Very scary coach ride on narrow roads up to the top...not good for nervous people like me though! The volcano was massive and Smelt bad, but overall it was worth going there for the day! At the end of it, i was glad to get of the coach alive, the boat accross was also quite good, its not too long.

Chloe W           

hi im chloe, im 11. I went to Nysiros volcano and it was fab!! The bus ride was a bit scary, my mam was terrified, so was her friend. When we were near the volcano it smelled of rotten eggs, but it was worth it when you got in to the crater. If you ever go to Greece you must go to Nysiros, but if your afraid of hights dont bother!!!!!

Janine W           

visited Nysiros in sep 02. Fantastic feeling once you reach the plateau. Getting there is something else. If your'e scared of heights it's a no no. Standing in the crater is amazing, the only thing that spoils it is thinking about the bus ride back. It was that bad, when people were giving tips to the driver as we left the bus, my husband offered him his wallet to thank him for getting us back safely. Nysiros itself is a beautiful place with lovely shops but you dont get enough time to look around.

Nikkie A           

oh my god ive bin on the pepsi max in blackpool !! but that was mad going up them really narrow roads!! and then i just couldnt stomach that smell but it was lovley to see i have some great photos

Rachel S           

The best excursion I have ever ever been on. Went with Kosmar. The volcano was amazing, make sure you take good walking shoes, as they could melt!! Smells a tad too! Saw the lava bubbling inside the crater. The coach ride is a bit scary, on the side of road that just drops straight down for miles. Had a great lunch, watching all the boats come in. Then went off to the little town, quite expensive though well worth seeing. Make sure you take loads of suncream and cool drinks- it is 10 times hotter here than in Keflos! Great value for money make sure you take your camera!!

Ruth L           

This trip is a must. A bit hairaising on the coach there. It is like something from another planet. Be sure and take a piece of rock from it for a keepsake.

J H           

Probably the most spectacular excursion to go on from Kos. Stinky though - and hot! Thank goodness for air-conditioned coach transfers! And take some sturdy walking boots! The sulphur fumes can get a bit much on the long trek back up to the top of the crater so take an inhaler if you're asthmatic. The town of Nysiros is also cute. After the crater go on a walk through the village, soak up the sun and go for a swim in the azure waters whilst you're there.

Robert J           

Wow! Inspiring actually going down into a actual live volcano crater. Must say the music in the coach going up to the volcano made me worry even more.

Sandra L           

The volcano trip is well worth it but if you don't like heights forget it. The scenery on the way up and down the volcano is spectacular.

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