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Greek Night

Wendy H          8/10

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A great night for all of the family. They get you involved with the dancing and the BBQ food was very good. Very enjoyable experience for all well worth a night out.

Amanda Phillips

 Recently returned back from Zante's resort Tsilivi our first time there an amazing two weeks lots of bars and restuarants so many to choose from we both enjoyed Koukas had a lovely evening Greek Night great food and lots of joining in with the dancing would recommend it.


Colin M          8/10



Janice W          10/10

went on this trip last week went to st nicolas port to la grotto restaurant first they took us on boat to blue caves which was lovely,then back to restaurant for food and wine was lovely entertainment was really good had a right old laugh well worth the money

Kay A          1/10

I would not recommend you go on this trip as we had a bad experience, the coach was full of Polish and Hungarians and they ruined our night to be honest, they were dancing on the dance floor when the Greek dancers were trying to dance and they crowded round the singer when she was trying to sing. On the way home on the coach they were singing racist songs in front of young children and being rude and the rep told them to simmer down or they would have to leave the coach,We would suggest you go to a Greek night in one of the resturants in Alykes and save yourself 74 euros, we wish we had.Thanks to those 3 people in particular as they were a disgrace, the night we went was 25/6/08.

Jonathan S          4/10

the "greedy greek" not really much to shout about the coach drive was mental fast speeds nearly knoked two lads off a bike and he wouldnt put the air conditioning on so we was sweaty when we arrived for the meal the food was ok but the whole thing was a little bit less of what we all expected!!!! soryy guys just being honest!

Phil E          10/10

the greek night at windmill studios near the green frog in Argassi would take some beating

Heather B           

Anyone going to Argassi, if you want to go on any trips the only person you should book with is Peter from Mamfredas tours we have booked all our trips with him in the 6 years we have been going to the island. He is honest and trustworthy you will find him on the main road near the Katerina palace hotel, cant wait to see you next year Peter thanks for the wine YAMAS love from Alan Heather and  family  xxx

Melanie P           

booked this from kalamaki (we were staying in argassi). we booked it at about 6.30 and asked if we could go that night at about 8.30,ken the guy taking the booking told us that was too late so we booked and paid for it for the next night. we got picked up from argassi at 7 (ken told us this was the time we needed to get there). arrived at sarakina bout 7.30, it was empty! we was told we could have all the wine we could drink (which through it for us to go in the 1st place). had one small jug of wine and had to pay for the rest on top. starter came rather quickly which was excellent, never had a starter quite like this before, enough for six and there was only two of us. main course was a decent size and very tasty,desert was just as nice.the place started filling up about 9 which by this time we had eaten and been sitting doing nothing for two hours, we was both ready to go home then really.wish we had been told to arrive later has it would of been a great night.beautiful restaurant and views. ken had arranged for us to be picked up at 11,never been so happy to see someone before,both had numb bums from sitting on a chair for so long . well worth going but you dont need to get there till nine.we asked ken what time it was on till and he told us it was 24hours hmmm. think he contradicted himself there dont you!

Siobhan P

Im just wondering, how do you go about booking the greek night trip to Kambi? Im staying in Kalamaki in May and if its through one of the tour shops which one would you recommend booking it with please? Thanks :0)

Fallen A           

The picture below (waiting for approval at present) was taken on the Greek night in Kambi.  I just wrote a lengthy review of it (it was very good) but somehow it has been lost in cyber space and I don't have time to write another one right now so I might another time.

Fallen A           

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Eric W           

  What more can i say a must to be visted what a great night good food and lots to drink


John W           

We did the Greek night that comes with the Alykes tourist train with that man SPIROS and it was great highly recomended

Stuart J           

Went on Kampi greek night, very long drive there around some twisty roads. Disapointing evening dancers were ok and the food was poor  in comparison to greek nights on other islands Kampi was a disapointment. There are better Greek evenings to be found in some of the restuarnts with in the resorts (Go to Korkus in Tsillvi instead!)  

Rachel M           

Hi we booked this night through our rep. It was about 40 each and was held at St Nicholas' beach which was a gorgeous beach. They take you down on a coach, give you a free t shirt, give you loads of free strong wine, eat as much as you want from the bbq, and then put on a few hours entertainment. Wasnt worth the money but was a good laugh!!!

Hayley W           

greek night at Paradise Apartments was the best on the island. sandra made this night what it was. she makes a fine mousaki and taziki dip

Jemma P           

Me and my partner just returned from zante last week, the greek night was highly recommended to us from family and friends which we thought it looked really nice on holiday snaps of the sunset, the cross on the cliff and everything. When we went to book to go there independently we were told twice that the taverna there was no longer open but there was a similar place which was just as nice. When we arrived we realised we were not far away from the Cameo island club near Laganas we were seated on a seperate veranda overlooking the beach and was across the road from the taverna it was nice with loads of free wine etc. but the view is not as nice as the other one looked. Also the dancing was in the street and you kept having to stop to let cars and coaches drive past. But it was good fun, worth the money I suppose.

Emma L           

We didn't book a Greek Night trip, however, we did go to Koukas restaurant in Tsilivi on a Wednesday night. Here they have music and Greek dancers, it was a fantastic night and a definite highlight of our holiday. The three male dancers were very energetic and good at getting everyone involved, a brilliant night!

Denise J           

We went to Granada restaurant for there Greek night,but the heavens opened and it wanged it down like a bad night in April in skeggy.Not there fault but really annoying as the Target bar as one the same night indoors.

Calvin F

On my honeymoon Tuesday 1st June. WOuld like to find out anything about excursions. I'll be based in Laganas. Been told about not booking with tour reps, so any other information about the cheapest/best would be great.

Thanks, Calvin

Margaret B           

The true address of the Greek Night at Kampi is Taverna, Porto Schiza, Kampi, Zakynthos. Sorry for getting it wrong in my previous comment. The wonderful man who owns this taverna and the surrounding estate is smiling handsome Giannis Haikalis. All the family work hard to make this a very special evening to remember.
You cannot be guaranteed a perfect sunset at every night of the year. But you will have a wonderful evening. I promise you. Suitable for all age groups from babes in arms as my last visit proved! I hope to return again next year.

Margaret B           

Greek Night at Kampi with stunning sunset views wonderful meal and freeflowing wine was even better for me the second time around this year. Perhaps because the lead male dancer chose me as his partner every time!! Wow I neve knew traditional Greek dancing could be so sexy and exhausting. I met many lovely people from all over the country on our table and also on the coach. Sorry for squashing you my lovely Irish gentleman when I sat on you knee on the journey back. We were drunk, merry and didn't want to leave. Thank you so much to all the family at Port Rosso for your excellent entertainment. See you all for certain next year. Look out for me Yannis and Nikos!!

Samantha P           

We went on this trip on probably the worst day we could have picked. Kampi where the night was held was supposed to have the best sunset on the island, however on this particular day there was no sun to set!!
We first went wine tasting where you can try as much as you like and you get the chance to buy the wine at an excellent rate. It was actually nicer than you would imagine!
The Greek night itself was pretty good, well an excellent laugh anyway. There was a 5 course greek meal which was not too bad, the usual chicken, greek potatoes, greek salad, fresh fruit etc. Ther was also free white wine all night and there was never any hassle getting the wine refilled.
The Greek dancing was pretty good, you could join in if you wished but no one was made to take part. The best dance was the fire dance at the end!
A good night but would have been better if the sun was out so we could see the sunset which according to other people was beautiful.

Margaret B           

Sunset and Greek night at Kampi. Wonderful! Fantastic views. Brilliant live music. Excellent dancers in colourful costumes. Fire dancing, plate smashing. Lovely grub. I had the vegetarian choice of stuffed Peppers and it was the tastiest ever! Free flowing wine all evening so we were all very, very merry. Our hosts were lovely friendly Zakinthion people. Well done to Takis and Petros for getting everyone involved in the dancing. A truly memorable evening and good value too at only 25 euros. I went in June this year (2003)

Sue R

takeing the mother with me this visit to zante looking 4 a market / shopping to take her to

Mike & Tracey           

Would recommend the Mill Bar in Alykanas. Wonderful food Great dancers and great atmosphere. Wonderful family run bar - Hello to Julie & Spiros. Great Lamb spit BBQ also.

Alan M           

The reason you love english girls is because they are easy for foreigners

Richard & Sarah           

We did the Kampi Sunset/Greek Night through Argo. The sunset was fine - a really good place to watch it. The food was awful, most notably the main course which we were told was chicken baked in spices with oven roast potatoes. Turned out to be a dry chicken leg with four slices of oil soaked potato that looked like they'd been waiting for us all day. Desert was bit of sliced apple with cinnamon. The dancing was done to extremely loud recorded music by one man and one girl. That cost 34 euros each. What an awful evening. Had to eat something when we got back to our hotel. Oh, almost forgot to mention the thousands of little midge/fly things that went for the wine and the food, inside and out, and there were no candles at all to dissuade them. Do yourself a favour - if you want to see the Kampi Sunset hire a car and go yourself.

Jack B           

Daisy's at Kalamaki do a top Greek Night, with a good meal included. There's no sitting idly by - you get roped into the action and end up doing all sorts of stunts with the dancers. Got to do it! The Greek beaurocrats have stopped many places from entertaining (Sept 2002) unless they buy new licences. Should be all sorted out quickly.

Claire L           

the greek night at kalamaki crunulla hotel was fantastic, they prepare a huge meal for you!and then after they have danced, its then your turn they have you running round like chickens but its brilliant!. They also got certain people to dance with them and yep i was one of them, i got a bit scared when they started spinning me round but its in the excitment in the night!They were great they are on every tuesday, so if anyone goes pass the crunulla apartments on a tuesday, run along for the fun!.

Lindsay & Ben           

We did a Greek night in Kampi which our tour agent Argo. Our Rep Nina was brilliant, the food was ok, we didn't leave hungry anyway! A good opportunity to meet people from other resorts etc. The wine was OK- drinkable at least but the dancing was dismal!! The journey to and from Kampi was horrible, all mountain roads and I in particular was pretrified of going back to our hotel in the dark, however our driver was fantastic and I did feel very safe. Our rep Nina was very good and organised a sing song to take the edge off! The sunset wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't a very clear night.

Leon B


Leon B


Debra G           

We visited Kampi through a travel operator.The food was crap,the wine was foul but the sunset was beautiful.It was a waste of 25euros each.The dancers were miserable(especially the girls).

Steve L           

If your in Argassi avoid Tour Opperators excursion for a Greek night out, I wish we had, we paid 25 euros each, for average dancers who just tollerated our poor Greek dancing. By far the best place was the TARGET BAR especially SAT.PM.Free wine,Free transport,set menu 12 euros each, and better atmosphere.

Emma L

Hey peeps. Me and 3 friends are off to Laganas in July and I was wondering if anybody knew of any decent Greek nights there?? Last time I went to Greece I went on a Greek night and it was crap so any info would be greatfully recieved. Ta. Emma xxx (Email at

Lisa H           

the best one was at the blue lagoon cocktail bar by the savvas studios.U get a bbq,greek dancing,free wine,shots,fishbowls,karoke,all for 9 euros.Beware the dancers will get u up especially alex,but i didnt complain,all very sexy

Mandy M

can u tell me were the best greek night is.first time abroad so any info would be much

Raymond F           

The Greek night to remember, this one cannot be beaten ,small hotel in the village of Amoudi. Clear Horizon hotel run and owned by Andy and his family, we had a great night even our teenage kids had a ball. The food was Greek (not my taste) so i had a steak. The ambiance was excellent,wonderful views over the sea to Kefalonia, sun setting behind the hills, bliss The hospitality extended by Andy and his family was special (made us feel like old friends). If you dont like the greek night, spend the day on the beach below the hotel then have dinner on the lower terrace watch the sun go down with a glass of wine and let the rest of the world go by.

Chris D           

We went on a Greek night organised through our rep, and it was crap. In fact everyone I know who went on rep-organised greek nights had a bad time. You are vastly overcharged for them. It's a much better idea to shop around, and there are plenty to choose from. You can save nearly half the cost by booking yourself.

Andrew S           

We booked a greek night at Stannis Taverna in Kalamaki. We had a wonderfull time, food was excelent friendly helpfull waiters, good dancing, child friendly. We found booking direct and not through the travel rep you get better value for your hard earned cash! we're going back in June and the first thing that we will do is book another night out at STANNIS.

Tony H           

We went to the Greek night (twice) at the Mill bar in Alikanas. Julie and Spiros make this a very special occasion. The food, dancing and general atmosphere make this an unforgetable night out.

Fiona D           

We went to the Illision greek night twice and thought that it was fantastic, most people got involved in the dancing. We also went on an excusion to Kampi with Mamfredas tours (argassi)the food was crap, the wine was undrinkable. The dancers were very good but the plate smashing was a bit tame. The dance floor was set on fire and the dancers danced over and around it. Very impressive. Pity we had to go out and get pizza when we got back!

Gavin W           

Sorry everyone had a rubbish time on their Greek Nights! May we recommend the BBQ and Greek Night at Bolero! You don't get a sunset but you get great food, entertainment and ouzo (NIKOS STYLE) for only 5000dr per person (cheaper for kids). The dancing is fun especially if you participate and the fun goes on 'til you leave. We left at 4am last week!! The Greek Night is on a Friday starting at 8pm app. and the bar is situated near the Tsilivi Beach Hotel in Tsilivi!

Chris P           

I agree with everything Matt says below. Only difference is that we booked through Argo, otherwise it is exactly what he says - a complete waste of money

Nicola B           

it was soooo crap the only good thing about it was free wine and the scenary. i dont recomend it.

Janet M           

We booked the Greek night at Kampi through our Unijet Rep. It was a total rip off. The food was dreadful and the free wine undrinkable. We all had to pay over the odds for Sprite to top it up with and it was still disgusting. The children's "free" orange juice consisted of one small, watered down glass all night! The Greek dancers were not very enthusiastic either. The best Greek night we had was at the Ilision bar in Argassi on Tuesday nights. Great food, very reasonable prices and plenty of Ay umpah from the Greek dancers.

Andrea R           

We thought the location was superb. The sunset was gorgeous and the entertainment was good. A good night, not worth missing. Experience the culture and get away from your resort for a while. Get some feta cheese down yah and enjoy the dancing

Kazza B           

The BEST Greek night of all is Spiros and Julie's barbecue and Greek night at The Millbar at Alykanas on Fridays. The atmosphere is wonderful, the food is marvellous and the dancing can't be beaten anywhere (especially if Spiros and his Dad can be persuaded to join in!)It's very popular so book if you can!!

Charlotte T           

Went to a 'Greek Night' at the Ilision restaurant on one of the back roads behind the stars restaurant-(CRAP) in Argassi. It was brilliant, food was gorgeous and plentiful, I suppose the dessert was minimal but the entertainment was excellent- girls if you want to be swept off your feet by a gorgeous Greek dancer then this is the place to go! The atmosphere was really buzzing!

Linda C           

We went to several Greek Nights while we were in Zante. The first was at Greedy Greek Restaurant in Alykanas on a Wednesday night. It was quite good but boring after an hour. The next one was at Zeus Pool Bar on a Saturday night and this was fantastic. The food was great and the cost was 3000 drachmas each.

Bridget J           

We booked this trip to Kampi on the strip - we paid 8000 drachs (I think). I, for one, enjoyed every minute of it. The food was average but the company I was in and the free wine (not bad if you buy some Sprite and top it up) was flowing very, very freely. Must admit the critters that make the noise in the trees were very irritating when you first arrived and the pine needles dropping from the trees was quite annoying when they landed in your food, but after swigging copious amounts of the wine it doesn't matter and you're too busy having a really good time. I'd recommend it and I'm sure the other 4 girls I was with would too.

Matt B           

Went on the Greek night / Kampi sunset excursion with Fidelity Travel booked through our Rep. DONT DO IT! After 45 mins on a coach we arrived an hour early (for some undisclosed reason) and were told to 'settle in'. OK, the view is spectacular but the food was atrocious, the free wine not to our taste (would be nice with chips), the toilets were blocked, and the chairs very uncomfortable. If you do go, don't sit under the trees as we spent all night being bombarded by high velocity twig things which got more painful as the wind increased. It took over two hours to serve just the main course and the vegetarians, although getting the only edible food were still chasing theirs long after everyone else had finished. The greek dancers were good but we had seen the very same act, for free, in a local taverna 2 nights previously. A total rip off at around 25 pounds a head. Believe it or not I am slow to complain and generally see the funny side of life but after 4 cold hungry hours thinking how much money we had wasted I was just about ready to cry. Don't bother going!

Christopher B           

Just returned from Argassi holiday and did the Greek night at "the Target" again! Really good night out, friendly staff, a meal and much wine and dancing. Free taxi ride up the hill to the venue. You can walk (or fall) back later. No need to book free taxi, just wait at the bottom of the hill across the road from The Contessa Hotel to be picked up.

Vivienne I           

The "Target" Bar in Argassi holds excellent Greek Nights about four times a week. If you ring in advance they will send a free car to collect you and take you back to your hotel afterwards. The food is good and the wine is plentiful. We paid 3,500 drachmas per adult and 1,500 per child. Incidentally, we booked a Greek Night through Cavo Grosso and paid 5,500 drachmas each. We were taken on a 45 minute coach journey to a small taverna in Keri where we were told we could have as much wine as we could drink but anything else we would have to pay for. The wine was cloudy and like vinegar - an obvious ploy to encourage people to spend money across the bar. Quite honestly, it's much better to opt for the "Target". I only wish we'd known about it sooner.

Steve F           

If staying in Tsilivi why waste time on a greek night which requires a 45 min Coach trip each way and cost 6/7/8000 drx per person. Just get yourself a table booked at KOUKOS just past Popeyes on road to bakery. You can eat and drink all night for about 4500 drx per person and the Dancing was wonderful. They only do it on Tuesday Nights so make sure you book, it was full by 20:30.

Suzanne H           

We went to a Greek night at the Cronulla Bar, Kalamaki and it was excellent. The food was very good, so were the dancers, they got us all up dancing round the pool and through the bar, it was a good night. Tickets were 3000dr adult, 1500 children tho' we got a slight reduction as we are vegetarians!

Martin S           

We went through Peter opposite the Iliessa Beach Hotel. He has a new boat you know! We went to the Kampi Greek Night and talthough a bit cloudy, the sunset was still beautiful. Food excellent variety and the dancers full of energy. Unfortunately I had a bad back that night so couldn't join in the mass dance at the end. Really wanted to join in too!

Jonathan K           

we booked throw our jmc rep;to to a kampi sunset-total waste of time and money,there was no greek night-no dancers,the food was terrible the only good thing was the sunset.

Jayne M           

I stayed in Laganas a couple of weeks ago, and did a Greek night which was booked with Fidelity tours through our First Choice rep. We paid about £15, and got taken up to Kampi (where the big cross is) and watched the sunset before the actual entertainment started. It was absolutely beautiful - makre sure you take a camera. The actual Greek night was brilliant too - food was lovely, and after a few glasses of that Greek wine, everyone is up for the dancing which is loads of fun - especially when they set the floor on fire!

Christopher B           

Hi Linzi...."The Target" on the top of the hill in Argassi is a good Greek night out. Long steep hill climb but free cab ride available. Fixed price (last year was around a tenner) Meal plus as much wine as you can drink plus you'll have no choice but to Greek dance ! Lovely view of Argassi from here. Good time was had by all. Chris Blackmur


Greek nights vary immensely from free in some hotels and restaurants to around £20 through some Tour Companies. Usually the format is the same whereever you go with traditional food and dancing. The more you pay, then the more professional the dancing, and the more food / wine (free) you get! Tour companies will usually take you out of resort to a mountain village for the night!

Linzi M

How much are the Greek nights and how do we find out when there are some on?

Sally H           

Have tried several but the best are the ones at the local tavernas rather than the organised ones by tour firms, also cheaper.

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