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Levante Speedboat Trip

Chris H          10/10

What can I say about captain spirros from Levante speedboats, He is very professional and runs very enjoyable trips out from Tsilivi harbour,been on all the normal run of the mill trips with other people and they just do not cut the mustard compaired  to spirros.

Myself and my daughter went out on the 28 th and the 30th july 2015 with capt spirros and had a brilliant time,he treats you like one of the family and lets the kids drive the boat,so thankyou very much captain spirros.

chris hooper, Devon.

Steve Meldrum          10/10

This was a wonderful excursion and I would highly recommend. Captain Spiros and his crew are simply the best. This was a luxurious trip to the south of the island. We felt so happy and got so much pleasure from this.

Amanda Phillips          10/10

Just returned back from a great time with friends in Zante for two weeks the four of us went on the morning Speedboat Trip amazing experiance the Captian and Crew made it for us looked after all on the boat and gave us all a trip of a lifetime round the beautiful Coast of Zante.

We enjoyed the trip so much the two of us went back during our 2nd week and did the afternoon trip again amazing time, if you go to Tsilivi you have to do this these trips fantastic. 

Kat S          10/10

This was by far the BEST trip.  If you want to go turtle spotting definitely go with Captain Spiros and his team.  On this trip we saw 4 turtles and Captain Spiros even said that the other boats in Lagana bay had not seen any turtles for 4 HOURS.  When we got back from our trip we spoke to another couple who did a turtle trip with another company and they did not see any turtles.  On the way back to Tsilvi Captain Spiros says "you may get a little wet" basically what he does is he opens up the speedboat as fast as it will go and makes sure everyone gets wet. for those who say they don't get wet its cause they cover themselves with a towel.  For all the families among you we had lots of young children on our trip and he made sure that they were safe. The other brilliant thing for children is that he lets the children drives the boat.  If you want to I would highly recommend sitting at the front of the boat you get the best views of the island and great views to see the turtles.

Di Trotter          10/10

Visited Tsilivi in August 14. We did both boat trips Levante have on offer and wouldn't hesitate to recommend either one! There are 30 odd seats on the boat and thats the number of people that get booked on, none of the ridiculous overcrowding that we have experienced on previous trips.Captain Spiros is extremely knowledgeable about the coastline and is very experienced in the way he handles his boat. We sat up at the front and it was a fabulous experience!! On the turtle trip he and his crew had no problem finding a turtle and manipulating the boat for the 20 odd minutes it took for the turtle to surface. We saw some fabulous scenery and experienced some wonderful beaches on both trips. For the shipwreck trip he promises to get you there before anyone else and he does, before the crowds descend and its impossible to get photos without a bunch of strangers in them! He will also stop the boat at various points just to point something out or for a good photo opportunity. We booked with the wonderful Sue and Adelies on the main strip (next to Obelisk Restaurant) but i believe there are a couple of other places as well. Just beware of other trip organisers trying to fob you off saying their trip is with Captain Spiros, its not! The only way to book is via the offiical Levante guys, you will know them either from the signage outside the shop or the beige t shirts with the Levante logo.Levante do cost more than the other trips but we all save hard for our holidays and its worth putting our money to the best use possible rather than wasting it on a trip thats not enjoyable, been there, done that and have learnt over the years!

Geoff Kennett          10/10

Another 2 Fabulous trips on the Levante speedboat with Captain Spiros If you do nothing else while you are on Zakynthos at least one of these trips should be at the top of your agenda They are fun,exhilarating and informative an Spiros is the perfect host Guaranteed to see turtles ,swimming in the caves these are really great excursions

Simon H          10/10

Aug 2014

Second time out with Captain Spiros we done the ship wreck last year which was fantastic and this year we did the turtles and caves in the afternoon.

Once again not disappointed thorough enjoyable afternoon for myself, wife and 7 year old son Joel who once again drove the speed boat.

Captain Spiros ensured everyone got to spot the turtles and when we went the turtle island he was telling others (not from our boat) to keep off the protected area as they were trampling all over the nesting area and then he went round collecting everyones rubbish (not just from our boat). He is truly a passionate man about is profession and the conservation of the turtles and the for the island.

We will be doing it all again next year.

Allan R          10/10

We did the afternoon trip Turtle spotting/Keri caves, and it was absolutely brilliant, we saw the turtles as they came up for air, Captain Spiros lets all the ladies and children drive the boat, landing on the beach at turtle island(marathonissi) is absolutley spectacular, then its off to see the caves and the boat is just the right size to actually sail into all of the caves, after a stop off at banana beach we made our way back to Tsilivi harbour, its on this leg of the trip that Spiros likes to show how fast the boat can go and you are likely to get a soaking and it all adds to the fun, it really is a fantastic day out and if you are going to book a trip make sure you book with Captain Spiros (Levante)

Tasha P          10/10

Absolutely incredible! Met at Tsilivi harbour at 1.15, where we were greeted by Captain Spiros and his team who were very welcoming and helpful in getting everybody on board and settled, explaining clearly the basic plan for the afternoon before we set off. On the way around the island towards the area where turtles are found Spiros started to invite people up to drive the speedboat (ladies first, of course), and then when we got near the turtles he explained what to expect, and when we very quickly found them he was excellent at telling when to expect them to come to the surface. We spotted 5 turtles in a short space of time, with Spiros carefully manoeuvring around so people on both sides of the boat could see, and we didn't leave this area until everybody was satisfied with what they had seen and the pictures they'd taken. From there it was on to Turtle Island, again letting passengers drive, and we pulled right up on to the beach where we spent an hour. When we arrived, Spiros was very clear about us respecting the island and not being allowed very far from the shoreline onto the beach as this is where turtles lay their eggs, which shows that although these trips are how he makes his living, he respects the island and its environment and is very keen to ensure his passengers do also. After Turtle Island, we headed toward the caves and entered in to them, with Spiros even turning the boat around inside one of them which takes some doing! Here he was very clear about the best places to dive down in to the water and see what lies beneath (no spoilers!), providing flotation devices if required, before then heading to St Nicholas Beach and spending some time here on the way back to Tsilivi. The final leg in the speedboat is very exciting with Spiros keen to show just how fast it goes! All in all, I would thoroughly recommend this trip, regardless of the price, as it is totally worth it for a whole afternoon out with the friendliest captain in Zante! The fairly small size boat, 35 persons, gives a really personal feel to the trip also.

Gaynor L          10/10

What an amazing afternoon visiting the turtles and Keri caves May/June 2014. Really enjoyed our trip it was worth every euro! The walk along the plastic pontoon to visit Banana Beach was quite an experience!! Would highly recommend this excursion

Bristol boy W          10/10

Worth every penny. Captain Spiros is real Zakynthian character who cares about the turtles and the marine environment....even if he does have an extremely fast boat! Not for the faint hearted but great fun. We did half day trip to see the turtles in Laganas Bay and Keri caves, which was a full 5 - 6 hours. Couple of swim stops, one turtle island werent rushed but also not to long. Easy to booked in the town (Tsilivi) and you catch the boat from Tsilivi harbour which cuts a road trip.

Claire W

best boat trip ever thanks to Captain Spiros and crew and all his cheeky banter. fab with the kids and included everyone in driving the boat. did the blue caves and shipwreck will do the turtles on next visit. thank you we all had a great day

Louise and dave M          10/10

Wow absolutely brilliant trip. We did the afternoon trip and was lucky enough to see a turtle and also about 8 dolphins. If you are thinking about it get on and do it a trip not to be missed

Louise and dave M          10/10

We went on the afternoon trip absolutely fab we saw dolphins and a turtle would recommend this trip 100%

Petra Schoeman          10/10

WOW, what an fantastic trip to shipwrecked beach and the caves.

Great thanks to captain Spiros and team! We had a great time on your speedboat, and much fun!

Heather V          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeSIMPLY THE BEST!!

2 x Amazing Trips,  if you can afford to do both then do it! You will not de disappointed.  Bookings taken at New Office on Tsilivi High Street (Next to Ark Bar),  on way to Tsilvi Waterpark. Look out for the yellow parasol,  fab new signs and two lovely ladies wearing Levante T Shirts (Addelies and Sue).  I cannot recommend this trip highly enough,  this was our 2nd year at Zante and the first thing we did before unpacking was seek out Sue and book our turtle and shipwreck trips again.  Granted the price is slightly higher than some trips on offer,  but this is THE REAL DEAL,  except no imitations trust me.  Levante saisl direct from Tsilivi Harbour so there are no buses involoved which is a bonus I do not have enough space on here to tell you all about the two trips but I have put a detailed account on Trip Advisor should you like to know more.

Heather Viggars          10/10


Both trips are amazing and if you can afford to do both then go for it. 40 Euros each and it is money well spent.  The new booking office is situated on Tsilvi High Street (Next to Ark Bar) on way to Tsilvi Waterpark,  look out for the yellow parasol and new signs!!
The boat leaves at 8.30 from Tsilvi Harbour (another bonus as no long bus trips to reach the boat) for the morning trip to the shipwreck.  You arrive before the crowds and larger boats arrive so you get to spend a half hour or so on the beach taking pictures (swimming optional,  but it is cold and very deep) and listening to the tale of the shipwreck.  Onwards to the blue caves to see beautiful corals and amazing rock formations.  After  a swim and some snorkelling,  it is time to head to St Nicholas Bay for lunch or a drink,  you can have a walk round, sunbathe or swim,  it is lovely.  Time to head back to the harbour for approx. 1pm.  Great morning
The afternoon trip leaves the harbour at 1.30 and heads straight round to Laganas Bay to spot the gorgeous turtles,  don't ask me how they do it,  but Captain Spiros and Socrates ALWAYS spot them!! We spotted 6 in 20 minutes (July 2013) it was fantastic.  Then off to Turtle Island for a swim in the crystal clear waters,  have an Ice Cream 

Andy P          10/10

Great trip from the Captain Spiros team - got soaked on the way back which was part of the fun !...Would highly recommend .

Roy S          10/10

What a great trip by Captain Spiros & his crew to the turtle island will defo book another trip with him. I would also say well worth the 40euros as he made the trip very enjoyable both for the children on board as well as all the adults. The swim stops also very good onto turtle island & the Keri caves.

Roy S          10/10

What a great trip on the speed boat by Captain Spiros to the turtles

Ian W          10/10

Was on the afternoon  trip Tues 9.7.13 with my wife two 16 year olds and a 12 year old.  We greatly enjoyed this trip, fun all the way combined with interesting facts and information especially about the turtles. 

It was exciting spotting the turtles and the swim stops in the caves and on the beaches were so refreshing and enjoyable.  The scenery from the boat was amazing. 
The children voted this the best trip they had ever been on  and voted Captain Spiros the best host as he was very friendly and sociable towards all on board. They said it was not a 'boring' boat trip as they enjoyed the speed too.
We would never consider taking a trip on another boat as they seem to carry too many passengers and therefore could not give the  'personal touch'  shown to everyone on this trip.  We also felt the health and safety aspect of the trip was good because of the experience of the Captain.
I  would highly recommend this trip and think it was value for money, thank you for the experience.
Next time we visit we will also try the morning trip.

Caroline T          10/10

Just got back from an amazing holiday in Zante!! This was made extra special by going on both the Turtle and Shipwreck beach trips with the lovely Spiros and team!

We saw about 7 turtles, swam in the the blue caves (the highlight!!), sat on turtle island beach which is the most beautiful place I have ever been, sat with Spiros to help drive the very fast speedboat, were first to step on the shipwreck beach to get great photos before everyone else arrived, given very informative information on both trips and got to see some amazing picturesque views which wouldn't have been possible on the larger boats! Fab fab fab!!

Nicole C          10/10

Not normally one for trips, but my friend Nicki Wanted to see the turtles. We booked with Ian on the beach It was an excellent afternoon out Captain Spiros was a fantastic And enthusiastic host . We all took turns at steering The boat. We did see a turtle. The swim in the caves Was lovely . You can do that on any boat trip I know But the journey by the speedboat was worth the Money by itself. Our only complaint would be , of we Had gone on first trip earlier in our holiday , we would Definitely have booked another one . Well there is always next time Don't bother booking with anyone else this is the one you want

Melanie H          10/10

I went on both the Smugglers Cove and Turtles excursion with Captain Spyros and have to say that the trips really made my holiday. Having been a Travel agent for over 20 years and have been lucky to travel to many destinations and having been on many excursions, both days were the best that I have ever experienced. Spyros is a man of his word and he is the first boat to get to Smugglers Cove, which does make a difference. And you do really see Turtles which is not always as easy as people may think. It is amazing how he can manoeuvre the boat into the tightest of spaces, a man with many years experience at sea. People may think that the cost is pricey and may be tempted to go with another operator, but believe me in that the trips are worth every penny and worth the slight bit extra. For any people that are not keen on boat trips or are unsure of being on the water, I can honestly say you would not be in safer hands. Enjoy everyone : ).

Carol R          10/10

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Absolutely brilliant trip not only did we see Turtles but on the return trip Dolphins swam by the boat about 10 had to get video clips they were so fast. Captain Spiros was great letting people steer the boat, the ice cold water was refreshing in the heat. Our daughter steered the boat (shes 17 and loved it) a few suprises instore for anyone not been before! Prices remained the same for this trip for years, which is great best boat trip we have been on! Caves are beautiful and the stop at the Island you can have food, icecream,or drinks. If you want can swim in the sea when Spiros stops the boat. My husband, daughter and her boyfriend all enjoyed this me too and Im not keen on boats!!! Thankyou from The Rock family and Josh, made our holiday very special.

Louise C          10/10

What a fab time we had. Catain Spiros makes the trip more personal than the big boats a lot of the places were advertising. A bit more expensive than some but definately worth every penny. We saw a turtle (which was more than the last turtle spotting trip we went on in Zante years ago) and the kids loved swimming in the caves and driving the boat. Keep it up Captain Spiros, you offer a truely original experience. Bore da!

Margaret B          10/10

Whilst in Zante we booked with the lovely Ian who walked up and down the beach day after day always had time to talk to you even after he had taken your money !! Went on both trips with Captain Spiros and his crew . Had so much fun Captain Spiros certainly knows how to entertain people. Will Certainly go again !!!!

Joe &          10/10

On our two week stay in Tsilivi we went on both trips with Captain Spiros. The trip to the shipwreck and the Blue Caves was very enjoyable, especially getting into the caves to swim. Even more enjoyable was the trip to the Keri Caves and Turtle spotting. This trip was very relaxed, we stopped along the way to watch some fishermen haul their nets in, which was very nice to see.We saw three turtles surface, one for more than a few seconds. Again the swimming was really good. The Captain "Aye Aye Sir" Spiros was an enjoyable host, ready to take photos and interact with passengers. Both trips would come recommended from us suiting all age groups.

Helen J          10/10

If you have only one excursion during your holiday make it the afternoon with Captain Spiros, you won't regret it. The return time is flexible so Captain Spiros will make sure you do see turtles. He is great with children (of all ages) and really does make you feel like your trip is special. It is obvious that he loves this beautiful island and knows it well. The bigger boats don't have the flexibilty to search for the turtles and can't get into the caves. Swimming in the caves was a special treat we will never forget!

Laura W          10/10

Just recently returned from our 7th visit to tsilivi ,went on the speedboat trip to ship wreck,spiros fantastic captain,very good host ,great day worth every penny a must do on your holiday.

Julie B          10/10

We have just come back from a week in Zante and while there we went on the Levante speed boat trip with captain Spiros which was amazing ! We went in caves and could swim around in them, saw turtles appear in the sea and just had a brill time . Captain Spiros was brilliant with kids letting them steer the boat in turns and getting to know everyone, even giving my son one of his hats in case his head burnt when he took the shade down . I would highly recommend this trip to anyone visiting Zante it is not to be missed , so much better than the larger cramped boat trips .

Mel E          10/10

First time to Zante 15th July to the 29th July 2012. Read about the the famous "Captain Spiros". Did the shipwreck trip first. I can only say that I have never met anyone who enjoys his work so much!. Lewis and Charlotte my 11 year old son and 15 year old daughter who he called "sporty girl"absolutely adored him. Great trip on the speed boat. We also booked the turtle trip. I can only say ignore all the other boat trips . Spend a little more and get VALUE FOR MONEY!!! Create some memories.  BOOK WITH CAPTAIN SPIROS(SPYROS)!!!!!!!!!!  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED 

Lisa G          10/10

All hail CAPTAIN Spiros absolutly brill man really looks afta his passangers and gives a totally mind-blowing tour! Cant wait to go back.

Steve S          10/10

This is our second holiday to Tsilivi. The first time we opted for the cheaper boat trip from Zante , but this time we thought "what the hell, lets splash out and go with captain Spyros". Let me tell you that IT WAS THE BEST MONEY WE SPENT ON OUR HOLIDAY.If you want to go on a trip where the host cares about you and the island you wont beat Captain Spyros and the Levante speedboat. We actually did both trips and they were both absolutely fantastic.If you are going to Zante this trip is a must.Remember you only get what you pay for!!!!!!

Cameron B          10/10

THIS IS THE BEST TRIP ON THE ISLAND! Captain Spiros is an amazing man who really makes an effort to know all his passengers and make the day special for them. We werent sure about the price being higher than the other trips at first but 10 minutes into the trip it was obvious why. The experience is so much more personal and the best day out of the two amazing weeks we had here. Such a pleasure to be taken by a man who knows so much about the island and loves his job! DO THIS TRIP!!! :D

Rich S          10/10


Just returned from Zante last week and initially went into Tsilivi to book with another operator but got chatting to the chap on the ZanteLevante stand. He made no bones about them being the most expensive, but then again when you consider it was 100 for a family of 4 (40/adult, 20/child, 4 and under free) for upwards of a 5 hour trip (Keri caves, turtles, Banana beach) and 4.5 hours for Shipwreck cove and Blue caves, in my mind that's not too bad! Particularly when other operators as I later found out, would have charged around 80-85 for the same areas but in large, slower vessels; for us it was a no brainer.
Spiros is great - sadly no discount for similar sounding surname although I did try - and thoroughly justifies his praise in these posts. Very experienced seamen, very capable speedboat driver he skilfully gets you right into the caves, drawing your attention to many things along the way. Saw plenty of turtles as well. Extremely relaxed about time although happy to put his foot down both in terms of speed and telling people what to do - remember it's his boat and he's responsible for you and he's also clearly passionate about the island and wants to keep it pristine!
Shipwreck was incredible - you do get there ahead of any other boat so have the beach to yourself which you may only really appreciate as you leave and see other vessels turning up, jostling for position. He also takes time to fully explain how it got there - an amusing story in itself - and to dispel any doubnts about it's provenance. Blue caves were amazing and throughout both trips he was checking on the kids up front and chatting to them. They get a chance to drive the boat as does anyone else who wants to once the kids have had their turn!
Truly worth every cent - based on the above for a 5 hour trip you're talking an extra 83p an hour to have an experience which is unforgettable.
Finally, we had an evening flight home but decided to 'squeeze' in the morning shipwreck tour on the last day. Not a bad way to cap off a great holiday!

Gail R          10/10

hello twinnies

I have been going to Zante for 15 years and also stay in Captain Spiros's rooms. I think the prices are about 30 - 40 euros (can't quite remember now) and although its alot cheaper to go on the big boats, can i just say its worth every penny and more to go on Levante boat. I can only say its much safer (Spiros has been a Captain sailing around different parts of the world through his life) and also its extremely more exciting, so i would pay the extra and go with Spiros. Trust me, you won't regret a minute of it. I ve been on his boat loads of times now just for the sheer enjoyment, it makes your holiday even better. Have fun! ( i'm going back to Tsilivi end of August, i just love it)

The T

hey can anyone help me? ive been going to tsilivi for years and have also lived there but never done a trip. im going with three friends this year and i am looking into this trip. Can anyone give me and idea on prices for this trip during the last two weeks of august? thanks in advance

Liz S          10/10

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Absolutely loved the trips we took with Captain Spiros and his crew on the Levante speedboat. We did Shipwreck Cove and the Blue caves first and enjoyed it so much we had to book Turtle Island and the Keri Caves aswell. I can't understand why anyone would want to go on the bigger boats for either of these excursions. The Levante gets into places the larger boats cannot go. Captain Spiros lets everyone have a shot of driving the boat, from very young children to the most mature and nothing is too much trouble, ask and he will oblige. Fantastic days out  I would recommend both trips to all. Love to Spiros and crew from Liz, Fiona and Amy.XXX

Rebekah B          10/10

Awesome awesome awesome!
The captain is funny, entertaining and really accomodating. Great if you have kids too.

We did other trips with different operators before this one. I would recommend doing Levante trips first before any others, they are better quality by far.

At first I wondered how the price could be justified as there are similar trips that go to the same places for less. You absolutely get value for money on this trip! I felt I got my monies worth x10 on this trip, whilst the others in the area were only just worth the money or not at all.

Definately pay the extra and do one of his trips at least! You will not regret it.
We had the best day of our holiday on this trip, and if we hadn't had to leave later that afternoon, we would have done his turtle trip the following day (despite already doing a turtle trip with another tour company before).

We went to the shipwreck, first trip of the season, May 2012.

Pauline M          10/10

 Well my trip started with being picked up on the way to the boat by Capt Spiros on his motorbike. He could have been anyone but i got on anyway as he insisted! Being extemely arthritic and 57 next week I struggled to get on and nearly couldn't get off. Spent part of the trip wondering how I would get up the large step in order to drive the boat but I managed - somehow. Saw a turtle and it was so cute, had a lovely visit to Turtle Island then headed for the caves. They were beauriful! Wasn't sure if I dared to get off the boat to swim in a cave but Capt Spiros came to the rescue and pushed me in. To be fair he then threw me a float. It was lovely in the water. Next we headed to Banana Beach but the jetty had been removed. Eventually we were given the option of swimming to shore or getting on the floating jetty that was brought to the boat by jetski. Floating jettys being my worst nightmare i somehow found myself on it. I jumped onto it and think I now need a knee replacement. We were dragged to the beach and had to jump off into shallow water. I then worried how I would get back as did the lady who had recently had a hip replacement. Anyway I made it back with only a small slip into the water and we headed back home. I am covwered in bruises a week later but have to say it was one of the best experiences ever. Capt Spiros said to me that I had done 'everything!' and I had! I  was suspicious when I saw how young the other passengers were but if I can do it then so can you!   

Iain E          10/10

We were in Zante in September and did both the smugglers cove and turtle trip with Captain Spiros. We found both trips to be excellent - my partner preferred the morning trip to the shipwreck whilst I preferred the afternoon trip to the turtles. There is more swiming in the afternoon trip with the swimming from the boat in the cave being a highlight. How he got the boat into the cave god only knows. We got to see turtles and on the morning trip dolphins - as soon as he saw them Capt Spiros went out of his way to make sure we go to see them.

Whilst we were swimming in the cave off the boat Capt Spiros decided to throw a bucket of sea water over my over halfs head while she swam - she was not amused (I on the other hand wet myself laughing).
Capt Spiros also took time to pick up rubbish while we  were at the shipwreck which was good to see - he took real pride in the island and in his boat. Would definately reccomend - not the cheapest but simply the best.

Gail T          10/10

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  first time in zante loved it . stayed in tsilivi bril,easy to go on levante speedboat trips from here/ captain spiros made my holiday hes funny as well as informative .went on shipwreck and turtle trip both fantastic what a treat

Ann L          10/10

We went on this trip it was the highlight of our holiday, Captain Spiros was a real character and made sure we all had an amazing time it is a more personal experience than the larger boat trips, we seemed to pack in a lot and it's brilliant when we anchored actually inside the caves to swim. It's great when Captain Spiros 'opens' up the engines and you speed along the ocean too.

Jo J          10/10

Totally recommend this trip. You will not be disappointed. The highlight for me and my family was the stop off at Keri Caves. Captain Spiros anchored inside the cave so we could go and take a swim. Very friendly staff, great with the kids. Brilliant value for money. Thanks Captain Spiros and the whole team.

Leah G          10/10

click to enlarge I thought this boat trip was amazing, had a wonderful time. My 21 month daughter also enjoyed the trip and the captain was really helpful and a great person!!

I'd recommend this trip to anyone!! XX

Tracy N          10/10

 I am Ellie and i am 8 years old and this was my first ever boat trip! And this is what i thought of  it;

it was so COOL!!  
Ellie Newman - Tsilivi Beach - August 2011

Tracy N          10/10

If you are going to do a boat trip, do it the Levante way.  Totally brilliant. Captain Spiros is friendly, welcoming and funny, knows his stuff and is passionate about Zante and it's history.  He does not disappoint. The kids and women get to drive the boat - but no men!!! We did the morning trip to the shipwreck and Blue Caves which was awesome and a pitstop at Nicholas Bay for food and drink and swim.  Swimming in the Blue Caves is an experience you have to do! Being a smaller boat makes it all the more personal and well worth the extra money.  No worries Captain, we will be back!!

Tracy - Tsilivi Beach -August 2011 



Mark F          10/10

Fantastic trip, booked because of great reviews, and wasn't at all disappointed! Went on the afternoon trip, 3rd Aug, turtle spotting etc Would of liked a bit more time on turtle island beach, but the Turtle kept us waiting to make it's appearance. Swimming in the caves was great, take some goggles if you go, to appreciate fully. Icing on the cake was spotting the dolphins on our way back and Capt Spirios followed them for 20 mins or so getting so close - amazing!! 120 euros for 2 adults,a 11 and 12yr old - worthwhile, trip lasted 6 and half hours Will book again for both trips next year..............Saving already!!!!

Phil G          10/10

Recently returned from a week in Zante (Tsilivi) and have to say that the boat trip with Captain Spiros was a real highlight. We went on the Turtle trip and enjoyed every minute. Both my children and my wife got to steer the boat with Captain Spiros. Seeing the turtles was great especially as Captain Spiros was able to manoeuvre the boat so quickly and easily so that everyone got a great view. Swimming inside the caves was amazing as was the trip back to the harbour.

All in all a wonderful experience and well worth the money.

Jo B          10/10

this boat trip is a must best ever
thanks again captin spiros
love shaun jo and family cambridge

Alison B          10/10

Absolutely fantastic, i 100% recommend joining captain Spiros on one of his excursions. I have just got back from two weeks in Tsilivi and booked up both the Shipwreck and the Turtle trip, both were equally amazing.

Captain Spiros makes everyone feel welcome, he is great with the children and very knowledgable on everything.
The highlight of our holiday was when returning from the Turtle trip we spotting a pod of around 15 Dolphins and captain Spiros followed them for about 20 minutes allowing people to get some great photos.
Yes he is a bit more expensive than the other trips you can book but you get a more personable experience there is no set time scale to follow and your not stuck on a boat crammed with people.
Next time im in Tsilivi i will book again.

Kay S          10/10

This was our first time to Greece (Tsilivi,Tragaki) and we had been recommended to Levante Speedboat trip from our hotel "Oniro".  We decided to book up for 2 trips one for the turtles and one for the shipwreck.  Both trips were amazing and a must do, the boat is smaller than the other trips which makes it a better experience as Spiros the captain can monouver into the caves and let you get out to swim around the crystal waters!! Amazing.  Spiros is a great guy and wants to make sure you have a great time, he let myself and my husband sit on the front of the speedboat which was out of this world!! it just made the whole trip so much fun, we got to see turtles and stopped at the beach where they lay there eggs, but please listen to the rules as your not allowed to go near them .  We stopped at Banana beach for some food and swimming which was lovely.  The Shipwreck trip was also amazing, the waters is so blue it's a must see, Spiros tells you all the history as you go around which is really interesting, it gives you more information about the island.  Thanks Spiro's, from ""The Scottish Girl. 

Beth           10/10

Ive done this boat trip twice with my family and we absolutley love Captain Spiros! He has to be the best ever! We did the early morning one to the caves and the shipwreck beach and its been fab each time! But this time the sea was to ruff to take us to shipwreck, but he took us still, told us about it and decided to take us to a secret beach :') its also amazing as he lets the children and ladies drive his boat and not the men  book this boat trip and you will love every minute! thank you very much!! Cant wait to book for the 3rd time

Angela D          10/10

Just got back from an amazing holiday staying at the fabulous Zante Maris Hotel. We booked the Levante Speedboat trip and we had the most amazing time. Captain Spiros is the BEST. This trip costs more than the larger boats but believe me, it is worth every penny. I also booked the shipwreck trip, with another company before I booked the Turtle trip with Levante and have to say that although the Levante trip cost more, I really wished we had book the other trip with Levante too.

Captain Spiros makes everyone welcome, he is fun, knowledgeable and makes everyone feel comfortable and important.
If you book any trip in Tsilivi, please make sure you book it with Levante, you will not be disappointed.
Thanks Captain Spiros for a fantastic and fun afternoon and thanks Ian for convincing me it would be worth it.
We will be back and will book with you again.

Warren T          10/10

This is a must do trip!!!!

We booked for the Keri Caves and the Turtles, and the whole experience was magical. Captain Spiros is an amazing character and puts you at ease from the start. We managed to see 8 turtles, and his knowledge and ability of finding them is nothing short of amazing. There are cheaper trips, and having done some of them, none come to close to the experience of Captain Spiros and his beloved Speedboat.
Ensure you book from the harbour, and do this asap as the trips fill up really quickly.

Keith W          10/10

absolutely brilliant trip, captain spiros great guy, well worth the money, a must do trip if your based in tsivili

Anne L          10/10

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Pat D          10/10

Came back from Tsilivi last Sunday from our 5th holiday there. As always a fantastic time was had by all. This was made even better from our afternoon speeboat trip with Capt Spiros. A really lovely friendly man, who with all his team make you feel welcome,and above all else he's brilliant with kids and knows everything about his island.what an enjoyable afternoon! Thank you Spiros and girls for helping to make our holiday.See you next year.

Balla T          10/10

click to enlarge Hi,everybody!
This year we were for the first time in Zakynthos.
We couldn't miss Captain Spiros,he was recommended to us. The trip with him was great.He is funny, friendly, speaks very good english,he is a real showman. He let the kids and the women drive the boat. Unbelieveble feeling!!!  I felt very save with him,regarding that I can't swimm and I am afraid of the water. He was so self-sure and funny,that I forgot about all my fears. The boat is very powefull and speedy. He took as to places that others can't go. We entered into the caves too. It was incredible. Don't miss this trip! If you go,you will never forget it,that's for sure.
Lovely Lady from Hungary,with the "17 years old" son!
PS: Captain,you sent my son a kiss,I gave it to him!

Melanie P          10/10

Hi,been on this speedboat trip twice and going on it again this year.and had a great time,but my boyfriend had a bit of sea sickness,but he said he enjoyed the trip too,and he will be going on it again. Spiro is a very good captain and his mate loves to hand out his sweets which were very nice.. I will see you Spiro again in June 23rd. There were 4 of us,i was the one that had 2 walking sticks and Spiro help me on and off the Speedboat. See you soon. With our love Mel,Michael,Ann and AJ.

Gemma P          10/10

I was unsure about the suitability of this trip for my 11 month old but we went down to have a chat to the women down at the harbour (between 10 and 1:30pm) to ask and they assured me it would be ok.  We booked the blue caves and shipwreck tour, 40 euros each (baby free).   We were given a life jacket for baby and Captain Spiros loved her, he made sure we were in a place where she would not get sprayed as it was a fairly windy day.  The trip itself was really fun, the best tour guide around.  The boat cut through the waves which was really exciting, we could not dock at the shipwreck because of the waves but we were genuinly the first ones there as promised.  The blue caves were beautiful, we were allowed to jump off the boat and swim....highly recommend you take goggles so you can see everything...its so beautiful!!  We saw a tornado off the coast of Kefalonia which was an amazing sight! Captain Spiros looked after our 11month old while we had a swim in the caves which was really nice of him!  All the women had a chance to drive the boat, which was fun, Captain Spiros is definately a ladies man but its not creepy or uncomfortable or anything like that.  This tour is about double the price of the other bigger boat tours you can book in town, but you can go right inside the caves and swim before anyone else and Captain Spiros is an excellent guide.  Would have loved to do the Turtle trip but did not get time.  Please do this tour if you do nothing else when you visit Tsilivi, you will not regret it...but book as soon as you get there as they get full quickly.  Make sure you take something to shade baby with if you travel with a baby as there is no shade on the boat.

Alistair L          10/10

Just got back from Zante for the 8th time, we have done the shipwreck trip twice & and now just been on the Keri caves & turtle trip - it was great, Captain Spiros was his at his usual entertaining & informative best. Greatest part of the day was having 2 Dolphins swimming along side the boat leaping out of the water - if there is one organsed trip you do - do one of his, fantastic!!

Charlene P          10/10

click to enlargeIf you looking for a great morning out you should definitely go on this excursion. It's a great time out - clear skies, beautiful scenes, fresh air and Spiros is an amazing guy, really friendly! Will definitely recommend it to everyone visiting Tsilivi. (Originally from South Africa)

Rachel J          10/10

Me and my dad went back to Greece agin this year and back to tsivili , as we enjoyed it so much last year, As we were there we both said that we had to go back on captain spiros boat as we had such an amazing time going on it last year .

If anyone is going out to Greece this year or next year i would truly advise you to go on spiros's boat as you will come off his trip and say that was 'AMAZING' , if you go on the big boats then you don't get a chance to do anything but if you go with spiros he will stop and explain different things to you and can let you get off and swim in the caves , its the most amazing time , so i will tell everyone now if you go on spiros's boat then you are will truly have the best time ever .
Thank You Spiros for making the trip amazing .

Aimee M          8/10

Date 31 Aug 2010,
Just returned from a very enjoyable week in Tsilivi, enjoyed staying at the Pheonix, and thouroughly enjoyed the half day speedboat trip along with Capt Spiros and crew, We took the afternoon trip to turtle island and banana beach etc, The kids loved this trip on this boat and especially the way we were looked after, i can recommend this trip to any first time visitors, but beware on the home trip ( i had my goggles on ),  Ha Ha,  in the back of the boat, > Fantastic

Nicole P          10/10

Trip date: 25/08/10....Oh wow what a wonderful trip, we went on the morning trip to the shipwreck it was fun and informative, capt. Spiros certainly knew his stuff and made the whole trip very memorable. The kids loved it and can't wait to go again next time we're there. Thank-you to you all, and to the two wonderful women who take the bookings, they were extremely friendly....we miss you lots xx

Sara S

More expensive but you get what you pay for - Cpt Spiros and his mate really pay attention to detail and without all the fuss and crowds of the large-boat excursions,  really special for children as they get to sit at the front!  Well worth the extra!  A fab way to spend a morning (5 hours).

Clare H

Hi, off to Kalamaki next week. Can't wait! Would like to do the Levante Speedboat trip, the morning one. We are looking to hire a car for 2 days, if we were to go to Tsilivi on the first day we have the car, would we be able to book with spiros for the next days trip?

Hope that makes sense!!

Nigel R          10/10

click to enlarge

Having been to Tsilivi many times over the last 10 years and seen the Levante speedboat I have never been interested, well do I now regret that.  As like most people I thought the price was a little high, but when you look at what you get and the time you are away on the trip it is actually good value.

We went on the afternoon trip, it was interesting, scenic and fun and I would recommend it to any one, especially the fact that you get to see the endangered turtles.  You realise that it is not just a money spinner for the crew they do wish to preserve the turtles.

Lin R          10/10

If you are going on holiday to zante you MUST go on the Levante speedboat trip with captain spiros we went on both the trips, the shipwreck wich is the morning trip u gotta get up early as u set sail at 8.30 am, but well worth it. And the keri caves and turtle spotting, and yes u do see them, u also stop at the lovely banana beach, fantastic. it cost 40 euros per person but dont be put off by the price u are on the trip for hours. all the ladies and children get to steer the boat to, spiros and his mate were great. It was by far the best thing we did on our holiday. thanx spiros for a brill time from the girl with the two husbands ha ha ha

Abigail G          10/10

click to enlarge

If you're going to Zante island, do at least one of the levante speedboat trips!! You will not be disappointed!!

So great to see the island from the water - and both trips are worth it!
Loved being the first to arrive on shipwreck beach, and actually going inside the blue caves .. it really is an amazing experience and one you should try to do on your trip. While literally getting off the boat after the first trip, we booked the second!! And the second trip was just as wonderful; you literally go turtle spotting - so wonderful! And you get to see where the turtles lay their eggs!
It's so nice to be on a boat with about 35 people maximum; especially when you see the big ships coming past with hundreds of people on board. These levante trips are personal; and Captain Spiros is such a character with a great sense of humour - you definitely get what you pay for!! These trips are worth every penny. 
Thank you to the wonderful family behind the levante speedboat trips - you trips made our holiday special and unforgettable!

Norma A          10/10

If you are going to Zante you needto take a trip on the Levante Speedboat. Captain Spiros is fantastic and makes sure everyone has a great time. All the ladies get to drive the speedboat too
We did the Shipwreck and Blue Caves trip and we had a great time. It's a little more expensive than other boat trips but you get up close and into the caves. Also Captain Spiros will stop the boat at any time if there is something you want to see. At the shipwreck we were there before all the other boats and we were the only people there. We stopped at St Nicholas for lunch and swimming and it was idyllic.  We cannot wait till September to go back and do the Keri Caves trip. Bravo Captian Spiros

Lee J          10/10

Thanks Spiros for another fantastic day out!!! We went on the shipwreck trip last year, so this year we just had to take the turtle trip and it didn't disappoint!!! Seeing the turtles was amazing! If your get a chance to go on one (or both!!!) of the trips on the Levante with Captain Spiros definately do it, its money well spent!!

See you soon Spiros for another trip on your boat,
Lee, Clive, Val, Christine, Andy & Nicola xx
(& next time I might just take you up on that job!!!!  Lee- the tall one!)

Tony S          10/10

well spiros what can i say, we went on holiday with our best friend in 2009 and took both of your trips which were fantastic two great days of our holiday,many thanks as ive never laughed so much as when the girls fell over at turtle beach he he he .Not only was it two great days out you invited me to your home for food and wine one night as we were passing so many many thanks.We are comin back again in 2010 so will drop you a bottle of wine to enjoy with all of us of course lol.see you sooooon many thanks tony,peter ,sharon and julie.Anyone goin to zante its a must to go with spiros and if you dont enjoy it 100% my mate peter will give you your money back so no worries there . see you in 2010 cant wait yammas

Mandy P          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

captain spiros is fantastic his trips are well worth doing they are great you wont get a better trip on the island x

Melanie E          10/10

Captain Spiros is a legend, he made my Dad's 60th birthday very special by asking everyone to sing 'happy birthday' in their own language and providing a champagne toast. I HATE boats and Captain Spiros put me completely at ease, we all had a tremendous day. Thanks again Spiros x

Christine D          10/10

We went on Spiros trip to see the Turtles.  Best afternoon of our whole holiday (and we had a great two weeks - Zante is a beautiful place).  My husband and I sat right at the front and enjoyed the best seat in the house .  Spiros took great care of one of our friends who had a bad back and made sure he was comfortable for the whole trip. Thank you Spiros.  The worst part was pulling up at the harbour knowing the trip was at an end .  Will definately go again on our next visit to Zante - can't wait.  Three cheers for Spiros .

Chris & Ray
Helen & Rob (your grateful patient!)

Andreea R          10/10

Cpt. Spiros is the best!!! When you go to Zakynthos, take the trips with his speedboat (both!)'ll have the fun of your life! The island is great, but when you go with him, it's even better!!

Hello captain Spiros!! Greetings from Romania! We miss you and your trips
Paniti Family :D

James H          10/10

Hi captain spiro, can i say that you are a true legend!  Your trip was exelent and (appart from my wedding day) was the highlight of my holiday.  My son also loved it and thanks to you is no longer afraid of boats.  Seeing the island in this way was awsome, and you also made it lots of fun. We are coming back in 2010 and will definatley be coming on both your tours again.  Thanks for making our holiday one to remember!!    

       From the Two Captains!

Sandy H          10/10

Hi Spiro,Analese and Phillie,

Thank you once again for another great trip to the wreck and caves. We do this trip very time we go to Tsilivi and always enjoy it. My son and his wife were with us this time and they also had a great time.
Sorry Spiro never made it to your place to collect they wine, save some for me next year. We will be back again Sept..2010 and ofcourse will be on your trips.   We always recommend your trips to anyone we know who goes to Tsilivi.   Yammas     Sandy Howes 

Cara S          10/10

I first went to Zante on my honeymoon and went on the levante speedboat trip to the shipwreck.  We had such a great time, the speedboat is fantastic and Captain Spiros is a brilliant guy.  He lets every female passenger have a go at steering the boat which makes all the men jealous!!  The journey on the boat is all part of the fun, then you get to see the stunning scenery.

 The next time we went to Zante, we went on the trip to the blue caves and also turtle spotting which was really good, you get to swim in the caves which was amazing, then you go turtle spotting and Captain Spiros makes sure that you get to see at least one. 
  I haven't been to Zante this year as I have just had a baby, but I will definately be going next year and will make sure I take my daughter on a trip on the boat and to also meet Captain Spiros!!
See you next year, love Cara and Michael Solomonxx

Craig S          10/10

hello to all. if you are reading all the amazing comments about captain spiros for the trip to smugglers cove
and the blue caves, then all you hear is true!!!! if you are going to zante and plan on going to the caves or smugglers cove, the only way we would recommend is from tsivili with captain spiros. im sureeveryone who has been with him would fully agree. he gave us a trip that we will never forget in our life time.
you must make this trip a priority
    when visitng zante!
     keep up the amazing work that you and the crew do spiros
     c u again soon

Terry S          10/10

First time out with Spiros today, we went to the Shipwreck and around the caves and local coastline. We had a fantastic time and would recommend it to anyone.

Normally I am frightened of boats and being at sea, but Spiros made me so relaxed and the trip was so smooth it did not bother me at all. He made everyone feel welcome and looked after us all.
Met him afterwards in a local restaurant and he was still willing to talk to us and see how we were. It just showed me what a genuine man he is and not just after our money.
Cracking trip, we will definitely go on another with him.

Richard T          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeJust returned from Zante, we spent Thursday morning on the speedboat trip visiting the shipwreck and caves, it was fantastic ! so much so that we went on the turtle trip the following afternoon.

Capatin Spiros and Philipo made both trips the best we have ever been on ! and they were the highlights of the holiday !
on our last night (Saturday) we bumped into captain Spiros and he kindly gave us a lift to the Greek night at the Old Vineyard restauarnt , we had great food and were enterniatned by a young couple dancing , and they got everyone up to dance, this made a fitting end to a wonderful holiday, so thanks again and we will be back !   

Geoff K          10/10

click to enlarge


A Brilliant boat brilliantly handled by the legendary Captain Spiros.Once you have been on his boat you are not just a customer but a real friend.He is great with the children making sure that they have shade,and fun at the front of the boat all with safety in mind.We have been with him 4 times now and cant wait for next year If you only do one trip on your holiday make it this one .I can guarentee you will have the time of your life.  

Dylan S          10/10

Captain Spiros is a legend !! We went on the afternoon trip and it was excellent well worth it's money , do not be put off by the price its 40 euros pp and you will see lots of other trips advertised for less but it really is worth every penny !!

Karen A          10/10

 For anyone visiting Tsilivi you must go on the trips with Captain Spiros and his friend.  The morning and afternoon trips are just fantasticand great value for money,  You really do see the turtles, shipwreck, caves and the sea is just breath-taking.  Keep up the good work captain and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Rachel J          10/10

click to enlarge

me and my dad just wanted to say we had the best time ever we loved the speed boat so much we went on it 3 times in 2 weeks because it was so much fun and spiros is a fantastic captain he makes the trip so fun and i think that if anyone is going to zante then they should go on the trip because you are going to love it so much.
thank you spiros for a lovely time it was fantastic
love from
rachel and ian 
or the jackson 4

Colin R          10/10

  We would just like to say had a fantastic trip!  it is well worth the money! We went on it last year and twice this year, seen the ship wreck and also seen the turtles! Captain Sprios makes the trip very enjoyable for everybody! He is experienced and the safety on board is observed at all times! I would recommend this trip to everyone! We were the family who were also friends with the dutsch couple that your wife spoke to. Hopefully we will see you next year and yet again come again on one of your trips!

Have a happy and healthy year
Debbie , Colin and Charlotte x x x

Mary M          10/10

We where a party of 28 family and friends including a number of children who went on the boat trip to see the turtles. Captain Sriros was very friendly he let all the children sit with him  up front and drive the boat with him. Safety was observed at all times. We saw about four turtles and  he took us to two lovely islands and the caves. I would recommend anyone who is going to Zante to definately go on this trip it is well worth the money

Gail R          10/10


4th time on Spiros boat trip and i never get bored of it. Over the years I have done turtle trip 3 times and shipwreck once. I love them both. It is the very best trip you could go on, Spiros is the very very best Captain, please trust me when i say he HAS been a real Captain sailing all over the world, his experience is brilliant. Your safety is number one. You will be the safest people on board his boat than any other boat trip on the island. Please anyone reading this comment, DO NOT MISS THIS TRIP, i will guarantee everyone will enjoy it, it will make your holiday so special. No other boat trip can ever be as good as this one with Spiros. I will not go on any other boat than Spiros' Levante Speedboat. I only feel safe with Spiros, and i know you will too.   
Please try it because once is never enough. ( i normally worry about going on boat trips, my husband talked me into going on it, i was very worried, how stupid i was to even think like that).
You really do not know what you will be missing.
EXCELLENT. ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

Emma F          10/10

click to enlarge

I would like to say that if you are thinking of going to Zante and you like fast boats and having a really good time.. and would like to see Turtles in the wild, go into caves that when you look at the boat you wouldnt think would fit into the gap then you should defiently go and book a trip with captin spiros...

 As soon as you get onto the boat he makes you feel welcome, he puts your mind at rest and you know that he knows what he is doing and also talking about.. even though he has a speed boat you still feel safe... to be honest when i was boarding the boat i was quite nervous, but as soon as we left the harbour and starting our journery to find ourselfs some turtles i felt at ease..
The trip is a must do..
I'd just like to thank Captin Spiros and his Wife for the day

Rich L          10/10

This is definately THE best trip on Zante and we were lucky enough to book both trips - shipwreck and keri caves(31st July and 3rd August 2009). Both were fantastic and Captain Spiros is the best and most capable guide on Zante. The trips were filled with a perfect blend of information and humour as well as keeping all the kids and women thoroughly entertained by allowing them to take turns to steer the boat. Captain Spiros kindly surprised my wife and I (along with 2 young children and one on the way) by opening a bottle of bubbly to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on 'Turtle' Island and was even able to orchestrate and take a great group photo of our entire group. Book early to avoid missing out on the best way to see the shipwreck and turtles. We saw turtles, swam in the caves, got all the best angles to take photos, and the beach at the shipwreck was almost deserted when we got there enabling us to really enjoy the beach and sea to ourselves. I can't recommend this trip enough, you won't be dissapointed. 100%. We'll be back when the new arrival comes. Just one other thing - hold on to your hat!!!

Richard & Anthea          10/10

This is a fantastic boat trip!  Everything that has been said about it is entirely true: it's great value for money, and simply the best boat trip we have ever been on during our numerous Greek holidays.  This year however, was different for us, as Richard is now disabled and in a wheelchair, and we had thought that boat trips might no longer be possible.  We booked through Spiros' wife Adelise, who arranged absolutely everything - the taxi from our hotel to the harbour to get the boat, and a return, at a price of only 5 euros each way.  Captain Spiros and his crew had such a positive and forward-thinking attitude towards disability.  They gave Richard a special seat on the boat, took the wheelchair on board, and just had a really good caring attitude towards our circumstances.  They were entirely appropriate at all times, helping in any way they could, whilst enabling him to maintain his dignity and enjoy the trip.  Nothing was too much trouble for these guys, and if you're going to do any boat trip on Zakynthos this year or any other year ... do this one!!

Gemma V          10/10

click to enlarge

Myself and my fiance went on the morning trip to Shipwreck and the Blue caves and we both agree this is the best boat trip we have been on during our numerous visits to Zante. Admittedly a little more expensive compared to some of the other trips available but well worth every penny.

 Captain Spiros is a legend, he goes out of his way to ensure everybody on board his fantastic boat enjoy themselves. He is more than happy to keep the children entertained by letting each one take it in turns to steer the boat and spend the journey sat up front with him. This allows the parents to sit back, relax and really make the most of the amazing views, He is very experienced in what he does and has great knowledge of the island and its history which he shares with you throughout the trip.

 I am not a big fan of boats etc but i loved every minute of this trip and will certainly be going on the turtle trip next year.

 If you are thinking of visiting Zante soon make sure you go see Captain Spiros, i promise you will not be disappointed......enjoy!!

Keep up the great work Captain Spiros we'll see you next year!!

Alan T          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Staying in Tsilivi, gives you the ideal opportunity to take a trip onboard the Levante - No bus trip is required as you can walk to the boat ! - We took the PM trip to see the turtles and the Keri caves (3rd Aug) - Absolutely fantastic !! Nothing was too much trouble for Captain Spiros and his deck hand, our children aged 5 and 8 had a great time. Allowing all the youngsters to drive the boat was a nice touch ! Getting close up to the turtles, into the caves, under the limestone arches is unique as the bigger boats can't do this. Nice leisurely trip, not rushed with stops on the way back to relax and experience other parts of the island. The fact that everybody clapped on our return showed how much everyone enjoyed it. If you take one trip in Zante, take this one - We did and it provided a fantastic end to a great holiday in Tsilivi. One word of advice - Book early.

Patrick K          10/10

My husband and I have been to Tsilivi on a number of occassions. I can safely say that Captain Spiros provides the best boat trip for tourists.
We were impressed with his address to passengers re health and safety on board his boat.
There is little I can add as all the previous messages captures the quality of the skipper and  his boat.
If you want a good day on the sea you have to go with the Captain. We booked our afternoon trip (tues 27th July'09) to the Keri Caves at Tsilivi Harbour.

"The Irish Girl"

Paul G          10/10

There is nothing that has not been written on here that i can add to all i can say is that we did both trips, and they are without a doubt the best trips you could go on. Captain spiros is just such a nice man anything you want to no you can ask him and he will tell what is what. Anybody visisting tsilivi must go on at least one of his trips they are worth every cent. Thank you once again captain from the gregory family.

Carol J          10/10

click to enlarge

We had a great trip to the blue caves and smugglers cove. We have booked Zante for next June so we will be going on the afternoon trip to see the turtles.

Thanks once again Captain Spiros, you're a legend.
ps.No more lobsters on my head please...ha ha!!
John & Carol

David C          10/10

click to enlarge

We did the shipwreck and blue caves trip on Tuesday 28th July 2009. We all had a fantastic morning and the trip was really good value for money with excellent commentary by the Captain of the boat.

We will be definately doing the afternoon trip to see the turtles on our next visit. I also purchased a couple of T-Shirts that were of good quality. I recommend these excursions to all that visit Zakynthos.

Yvonne H          10/10

To Captain Spiros

We had a fantastic time on the trip to the Blue Caves and Smugglers Cove.  It's great to see someone who loves their job and is so enthusiastic about life and Zante!  Wouldn't have missed this for the world.  Got some spectacular photos.  Saw spectacular sites and swimming in the gorgeous water was amazing.  Would have done the trip to see the turtles but we didn't have time.  These trips are so popular everyone is talking about them.  People shouldn't miss out and should get along to the harbour to book your trip as soon as you arrive so you don't miss out!  You were so lovely and told us a lot about Zante whilst we were there and we all had a great time.  I thought i'd be sea sick but I wasn't at all.  Our daughter even had a shot driving the boat.  
Andy, Yvonne and Melissa Hamilton
Mid Calder, Scotland

Pepperell M          10/10

WOW What a trip. We went on Wednesday 29th july 2009 a very very hot day.

The best trip we have been on abroad. Friendly,helpful. I went with my daughter,my mum (74) and my friend and her two daugthers. We were well looked after with the kids sitting with Captian Spiros and all the ladies taking turns sitting with him steering the boat, including my mum. He gave mu mum a hat and umbrella when it got hot, Everybody was offered hats and drinks to go in the cool box. Children had life jackets and sat up with captain Spiros. We saw amazing things, don't want to tell you all about everything as we don't want to spoil it for you. You will not be dissappointed It was worth every penny and finished our holiday on a high. We booked at Tsilivi Harbour, better than Tour Operator trips.
I want to tell you about every detail but I can't it was just too good to even know where to start. It was a lady's birthday the day we went and Captain ~Spiros made it special for her when we went to Turtle Beach. Singing and Sparkling wine. On the way home, what a laugh, it was meant to be a half day trip leaving at 1.30pm and we didin't get back till 7pm ish
Definitely go again....Please go........

Kelly B          10/10

Excellent trip....
We booked via the stand on the way to Tsilivi beach. There is also another at Tsilivi harbour.
We did the Blue Caves and Shipwreck trip and absolutely loved it!
There were four of us, two teenagers and two adults.

Spiros and his wife booked us a taxi from our hotel to the harbour at no extra cost to us....and gave us a lift back to the hotel after the trip too! Couldn't have been more helpful.

We went on Wednesday 15th July & absolutely loved it. Spiros is so knowledgeable & friendly.
The trip was the best I've ever been on. Well worth the money & the area covered is brilliant.
The caves are amazing, Spiros also really knows his stuff! He made it really enjoyable and fun. He got people up to "steer" the boat....not that they really were doing much! :D

The actual trip consisted of:
Safety and rules....Spiros told us of the rules on the shoes, no putting hands out of the boat, no standing up etc. I was quite nervous before setting sail but once we got going, it was brilliant!
Sailing to the Shipwreck beach, on the way Spiros told us about the history of Zante and pointed out features of the coastline.
At the Shipwreck beach: Be warned, it is not sand but tiny stones/pebbles and they really hurt your feet! Put your shoes on! Spiros told us the history of the Shipwreck and took pictures for us etc. We spent about 45 minutes there, were no other boats or people there....we had the place to ourselves!
We then stopped for an hour or so at a harbour (can't remember the name!) where people could swim and/or get refreshments etc. He explained the history of the harbour.
Back on the boat to the blue caves. They were amazing! We went in every one.....felt sorry for the people on the bigger boats nearby who couldn't get even close, due to the size of the boats. Every cave we went in, Spiros explained about the features of the cave and the history behind the names of each. The most special was the one where if you put your hand in the water, it looks blue. Someone demonstrated by jumping in....good photo opportunity.
On the way back to Tsilivi harbour Spiros explained more about Zante and the neighbouring island of Kefalonia.....and also cruised near the beach, tooting his horn and waving!
Throughout the trip Spiros and his crew (1 other man) constantly picked litter from out of the sea and on the beaches etc. It really showed he cares about his island.

I'd heard the trip with the turtles is also excellent but  unfortunately we didn't do that one with Spiros, maybe one day!

There really were no downsides to the trip for us....can't recommend it highly enough!

All in all, it was the best trip we've ever been on while on holiday....everyone on the boat really enjoyed it!

Thank you to Spiros, his wife and crew!

From Kelly (The 18 year old's sister) ,Jasmine (the 18 year old :D), Josh (The runner :D ) & Janeen (The 18 year old's mum) 

Janette M          10/10

Thank you Captain Spiros for yet another wonderful trip on your fantastic boat.  We went on the trip to Turtle Island and St. Nicholas' Banana Beach and it was truly wonderful.  The highlight of our holiday.  The weather was glorious, the company on the boat was great and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you have a chance go on this trip it is well worth it and will be something you will always remember.  We look forward to seeing you again soon Captain Spiros and to another trip on your boat.

Thank you so much.
Becky, Bryan and Janette Moore

Eileen D          10/10

We would like to say Thank You to Captain Spiros and his team for making our trip to Keri Caves/Turtle Island so special. It was a truly memorable experience ( not to be missed ) Alan got to swim in the caves.Women and children got a turn at steering the boat.Captain Spiros made the children on board feel at ease and even plaited some of the little girls hair much to the delight of their parents.Truly Spectacular.14th July 2009

Victoria C

Hiya, Me and 3 friends are coming to Zante at the end of August.

We're staying in Laganas which makes things a bit difficult as Captain Spiros is in tsilivi. Do we have to book the trip or can we just  turn up in the morning?
Any help would be great thankyou

Roxana R

PLEASE BEAWARE OF IMITATIONS......My name is Ian and I worked with Captain Spiros for many years on the beach in Tslivi  I have become aware of tourists been told that they are booking for Captian Spiros trips whrn they are NOT infact the LEVANTE tours... Please beawere if you want to go on the famous and best trip on the island please make sure that you ask for Captain Spiros LEVANTE speed boat, the best way to do this is to go to Tslivi harbour anyday and speak to his lovely wife annalise, please keep an eye out for the yellow Levante T-Shirts... Its a shame that tourists are been told that they are booking for the Captains trips when it is not the real thing. Thanks Ian

John M          10/10

click to enlargeAhoy

Fantastic excursions by an extremely knowledgable and fun living legend in Captain Spiros.  

Peter H          10/10

click to enlarge My Family and i travelled on the afternoon excursion to turtle island banana beach and the kiri caves on 30 june which was a treat for my daughter whose 19th birthday it was,and whilst on turtle island spiros sprung a beautiful suprise for my daughter by announcing to the passengers of our celebration and producing a drink to toast Laura,as we all sang out happy birthday to her i could see the delight on her face which i will treasure forever,but it wasnt only this which will live with me forever its the whole trip and the visit to the caves and swimming with my son in there,and meeting fellow holiday makers all sharing the same experience including the guys from stoke one of whom was on this trip for the 14th time so that tells you what a great trip this is,im only sorry we returned home shortly after and did not have time to go on the morning trip,but captain spiros deserves particular mention entertaing his guests and allowing all the children and my daughter to steer the boat it was well worth the money great value and a great guy long live captain spiros.

Tracey M          10/10

Top Class what more can we say!!!! Capt Spiros and his mate were great we went to the blue caves and shipwreck, the weather was perfect the half day excursion was just brilliant and the only down side was due to cloudy weather our trip was postponed by two days so we did not have time to do the turtle trip. But will certainly do it next time we go xx

Krystle J          10/10

click to enlarge

well what can i say!!

another year doing both trips with the one and only spiros kaponis, both trips were amazing as expected.
me and my partner took my parents out to tsilivi for their first time abroad this year and got them to come on this trip.. after going on the first (shipwreck and blue caves trip) with him they were begging for more and couldn't wait to do the turtle trip!!!
all of us really enjoyed it and spiros is a great great man, he lets women and children steer the boat, makes everyone feel welcome and goes out of his way to get to know every single person who goes with him on his trips.
captain spiros knows so much knowledge and information of the island and shares this with each passenger, he will stop the boat for anyone if anyone wants to see something or asks about something they see on the trip.
these trips are amazing and worth every penny!! the trips last half a day so your not on a crammed boat that takes a whole day to see the same thing and spiros gets to the shipwreck before anyone else...
the turtle trip is amazing also you will always see a turtle if not more with spiros.. we saw 7-8 this year and spiros will give everyone plenty of time to see them!
book with him and do one trip i promise you that you will not regret it and will want to do a next trip with him!
thankyou kaponis family for making our holiday!!!
krystle & rob & marlene & paul.

Vaclav M          10/10

We went only on one of Spiros trips, the blue caves.
First we were told by our delegate, that there's no other way for these trips, other than with our travel agency. Luckily we have found where Spiros harbours. First, we weren't sure, but after we were on the boat and the trip started :) it felt great. I could even touch the rocks in the Blue Caves ! that's how close you will get. My girlfriend even had a chance to drive his boat :)
But we have sadly booked the trip for turtles with our agency :( so I'm little bit sorry... I think it might have been a lot better with Spiros...
and if you will go with his ship, you'll find out why ladies have ponytails :) and maybe even why some men have them :)

You'll definetely have fun with this guy.

We both realy enjoyed the trip and want to thank you for the trip !

The Czech couple with ponytails :)
Vasek + Michaela

Lee J          10/10

Would definately recommend this trip to anyone wanting to see the shipwreck & the blue caves!! Captain Spyros just adds something extra special to the trip. Its both fun & informative! With the smaller boat you get right up onto the beach at Smuggler's Cove & you go right into the caves! (something you wouldn't get with a standard trip!) Its that good that we are planning to go back to Tsilivi next year & hopefully try his other trip to the south of the island to see the turtles. Worth every penny!!!!!!

Andy R          10/10

Went on the morning speedboat excursion to the shipwreck and caves with Captain Spiros, and would like to thank him and his crew for such a great trip.  Would recommend the Levante excursions over any holiday rep promoted boat trip as Spiros' boat only takes around 20 or so passengers max, making it a more relaxed and personalised tour and allowing access right into the caves that the larger commercial tour boats cant get anywhere near.  You also get to and away from smugglers cove before any other boats arrive.

Sally R          10/10

click to enlarge

Went on both trips with Spiros.  The shipwreck, blue caves and turtle spotting.  This isn't your average formal tour.  This is a friendly, personal experience provided by a man who loves his island.  Totally recommended. 

Bill O          10/10

Another great trip with Captain Spiros. This time south to see the turtles and Keri caves. Would recommend both trips 10/10. He even took time out to warn some idiots who were overloading a peddleo some 300/400 meters frome shore, of the danger they were in. I believe this shows how strongly he feels about the saftey of anyone enjoying the sea around Zante.

Jake25c C          10/10

Monday 8th June 2009 took Captain Spiros's LEVANTE boat trip from Zakynthos harbour!  We were 4 adults and 2 toddlers age 3 and 4 years.  It was the Blue Caves trip which left 8.30am and back just after 1.00pm.  Although 40 Euros each adult we managed to get the children for free and although I felt initially quite expensive I can definitley recommend it and would do it again!  Captain Spiros and his mate were fantastic! Really informative, helpful and a very clean boat!  The children adored it and they even steered the boat many times!! It was such fun and a really good day to look back on!  Thankyou Spiros!!!

Corinne B          10/10

Captain Spiros offers an amazing boat trip experience.  Me, my fiance and step dad went on his boat but unfortunatly we did not get to go to the shipwrek due to poor weather conditions.  Regardless to say it did not ruin the experience and Captain Spiros still made the whole experience fun.  Captain Spiros comes highly recormended by me and my family and i will most definatly be returning to Zante and going on many more of his boat trips.  Thank you

Nigel L          10/10

Took both trips to the shipwreck and turtle spotting with Captain Spiros and his wonderful boat named levante, this is our 2nd time with Spiros and on both occassions, he has given us trips to remember including dolphins, turtles, the caves and the shipwreck. Without any hesitation I would recommend these trips and also if you have children get them on board as he gets them involved and lets them drive the boat alot at high speeds.

Many thanks Spiros from the party of 12 at tht Tsilivi Beach Hotel !!!
Keep beeping that horn Spiros along the beach as we are all waving
10+ for this excursion

John & Liza          10/10

Beautifull trip!! We count the days and months to come back to Zakynthos this summer and make this trip again at least twice. Go and enjoy, lots of laughter and the best memories for the rest of your life are guaranteed! Watch out for the fake speedboat trips, the one from captain Spriros Kaponis is the one and only original!!

Kevin P          10/10

Captian spiros ,the best boat trip on the island,most ov the other trips are rammed and they dont take u near enough to the caves.Also if he spots anything ov interest he will move towards it like seals and such like ,then to end the trip,he opens her up and its just a great end to the trip ,you'll love it well worth the money ..............cant wait to go back

Diane A          10/10

To anyone like Melissa who asked below, where to find Captain Spiros to book for a trip:

If you find the Tsilivi Watersports (the official one with a huge sign up, where Parasailing and things go from) and head to the left of this, away from the main beach, you will be able to follow the harbour road which curves around to the right. From the watersports hut you will be able to see across to where the road ends up.
As you get around to where the boats are in the harbour area, there should be a little stand with Levante Boat Trips on it.
Most days after trips, Captain Spiros will be found somewhere along the beach handing out leaflets and having a chat :)
Hope you find him:)
If you can't, just ask around, someone will be able to direct you, he is well known in Tsilivi.

Diane A          10/10

Captain Spiros speed boat trip is a must whilst on holiday in Tsilivi. We did both trips with him this year, had two fantastic days. My husband was celebrating his 50th birthday and Captain Spiros cracked open two bottles of bubbly in the blue caves!

Captain Spiros and his crew are lovely people and always give you a fantastic and friendly day out.

Jennifer S          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

If you are looking to go on any excursions, you have to go with Captain Spiros.

Do not, repeat, do not book any trips with your hotel rep to either the shipwreck, turtle island or the blue caves - pants. We booked the turtle island and the blue caves with Spiros after i saw a comment on the web about him, i was not disappointed. We also booked the shipwreck trip with Olympic with our rep. They corner you on the first day and you kind of feel obliged to book. We ended up on a big ship, rammed with tourists, a snack bar wich was 7 for a buttie and 6 for half a lager. It was slow and boring, unlike Spiros which was such a laugh. We did pay 10 euros more each for Spiros but so worth it!!! He found the turtles (and you can tell it wasn't a one off, he hunts for them) and we even had dolphins chasing the boat on the way back. He isn't lying when he says he goes in all the caves. Onboard the Olympic ship you could only get off for a paddle...yawn...
Luckily we had hired a quad the previous day of our crappy Olympic trip, and toured the whole island. We saw the shipwreck and loads of beautiful sights prior so it probabaly wasn't so bad for us. Anyone looking to tour the island, i highly recommend it. The roads are safe and it is the only way to see outside of your resort. You can get fround the whole island in a day, and have some stop offs. Get a quad though, takes away the risk factor of scooters etc. Word of warning though, although the beach did have people selling stuff, they weren't intrusive. However we bought some DVD's on our last day and not one of them worked.
Love Zante, heard some comments that Lagana is 18-30's, which wasn't for us so we didn't bother going there. Tsilivi is still lively, which is where we stayed, loads of excellent restaurants, watersports, nice beach etc. I would defo go back. Great for couples and famlies.
Visited September 2008.

Melissa T

Can anyone please advise me where i can find captain Spiros in Tsilivi?

Where is the booking office?
I am going there in June 09 and really want to book the speedboat trip after reading all the good reviews.
Please help....

Bill O          10/10

Have been to shipwreck on the big boats and it does not compare with this at all. An excellent trip all round. A must trip. 

Laura M          10/10

what a fantastic morning out, me and my boyfriend Martyn went to Tsilivi at the beginning of September 08, i went mainly for Cpt Spiros (hes fantastic) he had everybody laughing, everybody taking part in some shape or form.... Levante is THE best speed boat tour without a doubt
the caves are out of this world and the shipwreck is definately worth seeing DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE if you want the best go with Cpt Spiros
5*'s all round from us.
Laura, Manchester.

Barbara R          10/10

Coming back to zante sunday. Hoping to do spiros dolphin trip this time. Done the ship wreck and the caves last year it was brilliant and well worth seeing. well done spiros and keep the good work up see you again soon.

   Barbara Riddell

Elizabeth B          10/10

Just come back from Zante if you only do one trip do Captain Spiros when in Tsilivi we recommened you do the excursion with Captain Spirios what a lovley charming man who makes every body on board feel part of the excursion Thanks to him for making our holiday one to remember

Richard C          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

A big thank you to Spiros and the team for a really enjoyable trip. I would recommend his boat trips to anyone visiting Zante. Spiros ensures that you get to the ship wreck early enough to be the only ones there and on the way back you will see hundreds of people on much larger boats all going to the wreck. He also goes right into the caves, something which is impossible on the other boat trips. Well done Spiros - keep up the good work! 

Sandra C          10/10

we travelled from Vasilikos to Tsilivi for the morning trip to the caves and shipwreck, having heard so many good things about captain spiros...and we were not dissapointed, had a brilliant time, will return to Zante again and do both trips next time. Highly recommended.   Sandra Clark, Glasgow.

Michael S          10/10

 wow,what a fantastic trip we have been waiting over a year to get on this trip and it was worth every penny, captain spyros and his crew were fantastic,if you like fast boats then this is the trip for you,i highly recomend this trip,they are fantastic with the children and adults alike,captain spyros has a great sense of humour and will have you laughing and just remember rule number 3 when you return to port!!!!!!!!!(get offa my boat)cheers captain see you in 2009. Mick +Tracey.

Sarah B          10/10

click to enlarge

Just a warning for anyone who is wanting to do this trip, someone is pretending to be Levante Speedboat so if you are wanting to do this trip, make sure that it is Captain Spiros as others have been conned.

Aideen W          10/10

Back to dull skies and wishing for more of Captain Spiros and his crew.  Both trips were amazing.  Sprios has all aspects of both trips well thought out.  He just loves the sea and it really shows.  He is informative and will do anything that his guests ask.  Fantastic to see dolphins & turtles.  Swimming in kerri caves was cool & refreshing and feel hungry afterwards.  Problem solved and food arrived!!  Say no more! Try the trip and find out the surprises.  Early morning trip equally enjoyable.  It was early (8.30am).  However, being the only boat at shipwreck was worth the early start.  As both trips were for half day, it was the best for both kids and parents.  As soon as you arrived in Tsilivi, check out the trips.  The were heavily booked when we enquired and had to Smilewait for a few days to travel.  Happy Days and roll on summer 2009!SmileSmileSmileSmile

Suzanne L          10/10

We had two fantastic trips with Captain Spiros and his crew.  We saw dolphins, turtles and went into some amazing caves which you could not do on a larger boat.  Our children also had a great trip, sitting up with Spiros and driving the boat.  Spiros and his crew were great  hosts and  made everyone feel special, once you have been on a trip with Spiros you are his friend.  We have been to Tsilivi before and have been on other trips but these are the best by far,  We have booked for next year and cannot wait to join Spiros and his crew again.

Paul N          10/10

quite simply the best.we went with spiros on both his trips and had the best 2 days of our holiday.
the trips are amazing, the whole experience is something you should not miss.
spiros and philip are complete characters who go out of there way to ensure everyone has a day to remember.his boat skills are second to none placing his boat where even neptune wouldnt go...
we would recommend this to all......spare captain paul

Gemma B

hi jo thanks for that bit of info. i want to go with captain spiros as everone says he does the best trips, but wanted to make sure there was toilet on board. thanks again. gemma x

Jo O          10/10

Hi there Gemma and Amanda.Yes there is a toliet on board the boat just under the deck or what ever its called and you can use it anytime.I would say its much better to go on the small boat with Captain Spiros as he gets to the Ship Wreck before the big boats arrive,so you have the beach all to yourself.Enjoy your trip.


Claire A          10/10

 spiros you are fab!!! your boat trip was worth every euro. My daughters and nephew enjoyed driving the boat. You gave us plenty of information about the caves and the shipwreck, and it was lovely to see them without all the big boats and all their passengers(we did it last year and what a rip off). so everyone going to tsilivi make sure you go and  book this trip. thanks again spiros good luck for the rest of the season the adamson and watson families  28.8.08

Karen M          10/10

 We have been to Tsilivi for the last two years.  Both times we have been on Captain Spyros boat trips.  He is a fantasic guy with such knowledge of the islands and nothing is too much trouble.  We have seen dolphins and turtles on each trip and Spyros stays watching for us for as long as we like.  Spyros drives right into the caves and we dive in and explore.  The banana beach is lovely.  We all get a chance to drive the speedboat and Spyros and Phillipe are a double act.  Thank you so much again, this trip made our holiday.  All the best Karen and family.  Definately 10/10

Linda R          10/10

Just been on a 11 night holiday to Tsilivi and my family and I went on the highly recommended Spyros's speedboat trips.  The first was to see the Blue Caves and Shipwreck. It was an early morning trip but we practically had the Shipwreck all to ourselves it was fantastic the sea is so clear and blue it looks like thousands of bottles of blue WKD have been poured into it.  The shipwreck is an amazing site just in itself.  We then went on the second boat trip and again we weren't disappointed.  We visited the Blue Caves, Turtle Island and Banana Beach.  The Blue Caves are fantastic, we moored in one of them and Spyros called to a boat which pulled along side of us, which we then found out sold ice creams, it was so funny.  After that we saw a turtle which came up for air it was so surreal it made out trip.  Thanks Spyros for contributing to a fantastic holiday.  Take care and hope to see you soon.  Lovely Linda. 

Laura M          10/10

The best boat trip on the island!Captain spyros is a legend!We have just returned from a fortnight in tsilivi and were lucky enough to do both of captain spyros's trips! The first boat trip we did was to the caves and shipwreck, it was my step fathers 50th birthday the day we went and captain spyros bought bottles of champagne for on the boat! Amazing day, highly recommended! The second trip we did was to turtle island, keri caves and banana beach, brilliant afternoon, The trips definitely made our holiday, Wonderful staff and much better than the rest as there are no more than 30 people on the speed boat!Thanks for a great holiday!

Debbie S          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

We had a truly amazing time on the trip.  It was the highlight of our holiday.  We went on both the morning trip to the Shipwreck as well as the afternoon Turtle Island trip.  Captain Spiros makes the trip even more special as he is so knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble for him.  He lets the children have a go at driving the boat and the whole day is just complete enjoyment.  He is able to actually enter the caves and we were able to jump off the boat and swim in the lovely blue water.  We would definitely recommend booking with Spiros and nobody else.  Spiros wife is also a lovely person and you can book through her between 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. at Tsilivi Harbour. 

Adam F          10/10

we went on both trips with captain spiros, blue caves and turtle island, both were great!

the captain is a smooth chap, letting all the ladies drive the boat and the kids too! all under the close sup**vision of the captain, who seems to be able to squeeze his boat in the smallest of caves and tunnels  (sometimes at speed) but as he is so good you are never worried at all!
its pretty funny when he comes blasting past the big boats who go nowhere near the coastline with all the poor suckers who booked through the reps looking half asleep and fed up!!
p.s. beware anyone sitting at the back on the turtle island trip, he will absolutely soak you on the return to the port!!
make sure you wave at him when on the beach or the captain will come and get you....
get off my boat!!

Robert M          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlargethis trip is excellent and really worth recomending, we were made to feel very welcome by capt spiros who really is a truly genuine friendly individual so much so that three days after our trip whilst at the hotel swimming pool spiros approached my children and asked "how are my little captains" with all the people he takes on his boat this small gesture spoke volumes of the man.  the smaller boat works as spiros takes you inside the caves which adds to the experience. the swimming in the caves is brilliant. the turtle spotting is hit or miss, they are either there or not however whilst on our journey back spiros actually turned the boat around to allow us to observe the large saucer shape in the water his trained eye had spotted. im sure other people would have just carried on but spiros took the time to go back. thanks capt spiros for the experience

Yvonne J          10/10

If you do only one trip in your holiday, then please make it this one, Captain Spiros is the best.

My son and I had a chance to sail the boat and swim in the sea. Captain Spiros had us laughing all the way.

Excellent time had by all

Diane L          10/10

Captain Spiros I salute you......Guys this man is the best.  This is my fourth year out here, and in all honesty I have done trips of other boats, but none of them compare to this one.  Scenery is beautiful, everyone is made to feel like they matter, if you have any questions they will be answered, in fact I enjoyed morning tour so much, booked to go back on afternoon tour few days later.  If you are into fish when you go to St Nicholas bay, stand in water just in front of taverna that you go to for lunch, through bit of bread in water near you and watch the fish coming flooding in......Highly recommended....

Mary M          10/10

My family went on both trips and they were fantastic.
Captain Spiros made everyone feel welcome and made the childern feel special.
Anyone that goes to Tsilivi most take the trips with Captain Spiros.

Robyn H          10/10

The best trip in Zante, infact the best trip we have ever been on! Captain Spiros is such a lovely person, got me right over my fear of boats! We went to visit the Blue caves and to see the Turtles, both trips were great! I would recomend this trip to anyone who visits Tsilivi, event if you dont like boats! Absolutely fantstic! We will be back again! Robyn & Chris x

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