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Weekend trip to Athens by coach

Ross B

There is a trip overnight to Athens that runs most days and  is available through one or more local agents.
Unfortunately the Operator have changed the base hotel in Athens and it does not get the same reviews as their two previous choices. Some Local Agents are not aware of this change until they confirm your booking with the operator/supplier.
It appears that you take the new hotel  choicer do not take the trip. There is as no alternative or better reported hotel currently on offer. Only told about Hotel change after we booked so "Be careful out there".The local agent claims that the change only just happened as booking up to about a week ago were in different and well reviewed hotels in tourist friendly areas.

Angela A

I am hoping to come to Porta Koukla on asingle person's holiday on 21st May for 14days. I wondered if there will be a trip to Athens running around that time?
Are there different coach trips running to Athens around that time?
Thank you very much,
Angela Anderson

Mr B          8/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge We went on the Athens trip and found it great value for money. Booked with local travel agent Nikos ( picture attached ) on the main strip in Laganas ( beside the beach, opposite Must bar ). Better prices than booking with your rep. and every bit as good. ( 92 euros each ) We use him every year. The bus journey can be a bit tiring, and they stop for lunch in the middle of nowhere where the cafes only serve large meals and no snacks, but it's all part of the experience. We didn't go on the 'bazooki' night, as we watched a live concert in Plaka square instead, but those who went said it was a great night.

The 'changing of the guard', and the visit to the Parthanon were well worth the visit.
The hotel room was nice, the breakfasts were sufficient, although I can't exactly rave about Greek Coco-Pops !

Julie C           

Flippin eck, I hope I haven't pasted this twice but there was some sort of  problem for me (Microsoft Word for Idiots)  We went on the weekend trip to Athens May 26th/27th which was long but enjoyable (down to Kostas' humour and fabulous driving from Demetrious(Jimmy)).  If there is anyone out there who went on the same trip, would love to hear from you - coach family! We paid 99 euros and stayed in a lovely hotel, stopped on the way there and back for food (but you don't have to eat-it's extra everything else is included) saw archaeological sites on the way and  the fantastic Acropolis and Evzones before it got too busy (down to the tour itinerary)  went shopping for two hours in the Plaka and bruised my feet dancing at a Bouzoukia (sorry I accidentally pinched a knotted serviette).  It was hot but bearable - perhaps not for young children) and came back laughing(which is not happening now we are back in England)  Love to the Irish ladies who asked if Kostas could dance like Michael Flatley!?, the Scottish couple who we saw on two other occasions and Alex and Steve from Yorkshire.  This is my fourth visit to Athens and it never ceases to make my heart beat faster.  You must go, it is good value for money.  Have a good life.  Julie and Sarah

Heather C           

hi me and my partner went to zante in 2004 we loved the athens trip we paid 89euro's

very good value u for mony, can't wait going back on the 10/08/2006 YAY

David C           

booked this tour with PETER in argassi through MAMFREDAS/TEZ TOURS.went on fri/sat 7/8th of oct.2005 the guide was COSTAS best tourist guide ever,took his time to get to know everybody he was extremely helpfull & i got to know him very well & i cannot recommend this company enough.all the best to PETER & COSTAS

R. W           

just a wee word of warning,we went with dionisis tours to athens ,8 hours on a bus with no a/c. a 5 star hotel with pool sounded good, the rooms were filthy the pool looked lovley but the pool had no water in it!!!!!

Paula H           

Thanks John for your advice.  Might wait til we get der and see if I'm up to it then.  Mind you being lazy and lying on the beach sounds just as tempting!

John W           


The trip to Athens is quite long, but most is on the coach and they stop close to the sights.

It is very hot in Athens and the walk up to the Parthenon, although not steep, is tiring in the heat.

John Wright

John W           

 Further to my previous post.

I forgot to rate the trip.
One of the best I've been on but it was very, very hot (second week July)

John W           

This is a 'must do' trip. The time flew by with Peter (from the blue side of Manchester) who kept us entertained with an interesting and amusing commentary.

The trip was well planned with frequent stops, 2 different views of the Corrinth Canal and 4 houirs to wander around Athens after checking in to our 4 star hotel. In the evening we had a meal at a taverna (expensive) and then walked up to see the Parthenon lit up at night.
8am: found us at the bottom of the Acropolis, we beat the other tours to the shade (30 degrees, wear hat and carry water) Our guide was Sandi, who was spellbinding, keeping us entralled with the history of not only the Parthenon, but also of old and modern Greece. She then took us on a coach tour of Athens with further stories and anecdotes.
We arrived back in Tsilivi about 7pm. I wouldn't recommend this trip for any one with young children as it is tiring in the heat.
We booked though our JMC rep and although it may be dearer than some, this tour was better planed and the guides were some of the finest I have had.

Les K           

Booked with Heidi at Dionisos Tours/TEZ in Alykanas & travelled on 20th.  Our Tour Guide was Costas, he is simply the best.  His name had cropped up when checking out about this trip on the internet, he does the weekend trip only.   As with Gwyneth in the previous report, we stayed in a Posh Hotel (Museum Hotel).  Costas picked us up from here at 6pm to take us to a couple of archaelogical sites before letting us wander around the old part.  At 9pm, those of us who wanted to go to the Greek Night with Costas, did so & had a FAB time, it was well worth the E26 we paid.  For this money there was a Band, a Male & Female singer, Belly Dancer & a Troupe of 6 Professional Dancers who performed Dances from different parts of Greece in the Native Costume of that particular area.  A Bottle of Wine & a 4 Course Meal.  Next day, up at 6am, breakfast 6.45 - 7.20am, spoilt for choice with the selection of food on offer.   Saw changing of Guard at 8am then off to the Acropolis for 8.45am.  Departed Athens 10.30am.  There was not an awful lot of hard walking so to speak.  If you get the chance, DO IT !!!!

Gwyneth E           

Last year we were going to do this trip and booked with local company but it was cancelled!!!  This year we booked through rep (olympic) and had a fantastic time, well worth the money, we arrived in Athens with plenty of time to look round on our own.  the hotel was central, clean and air conditioned, the breakfast was very good.  We all had the option of going with the tour guide to a taverna in the evening, although the meal took quite a while to arrive (not surprising with 30 people descending) it was really lovely and well worth the wait.  Up early and arrived at the acropolis before other tourists which was briliiant.  A fantastic 2 days and Steve the tour guide was 'marvellous' 

Susan C           

We booked this excursion with Peter on the main street in Argassi (hi peter!!). Paid 79euros each for this which we thought was excellent value for money!
We were picked up from the main street at 7am and taken to Zante town for the ferry. At the ferry port we met our tour guide KOSTAS who was just great!! He was an excellent guide who was full of information on the local area and the main land but also knew how to let his hair down (check out the photo of him dancing at the greek night!!).
We had 2 stops on the way to Athens itself - including the lunch stop at the Corinth Canal. Once in Athens we were dropped off at our hotels and were given about hour to get freshened up before Kostas whisked us off on the trip around Plaka.
We decided to go to the Greek night which cost about 26euros each but this included a 4 course meal and as much wine as you could drink - great value and the dancers were brilliant.
Next day we were picked up at 7am and taken to see the changing of the guards and after that taken to the Acropolis.
We all felt that this was a great excursion and although it was a long day it was well worth doing!

Colin C           

In addition.

When we got to our hotel at about 4.30pm. We had about an hour and 45 minutes to ourselves in which to get ready to meet up for a tour round the sights in the City Centre. After doing that we had about an hour and a half to ourselves to shop/walk around (the cafe-bar/restaurant we went into charged us 6 Euros for 2 Pepsi's 4.20 approx).

Then we all met up to go to a traditional Taverna for our meal and entertainment (which was 26 Euros each for 3 courses). The meal was nice, but there was not enough of it. By the way, their prices are quite high, so we stuck to drinking the bottled water which was complimentary.

We got back to the hotel at about 1am and finally into bed at about 2am.

But we had to be up again for breakfast at 6.30am This resulted in us sleeping three quarters of the return journey. The breakfast was poor, the choice we had was, cold fried eggs, watered down fruit juices, miniature croissants, tea, coffee and cereal. The milk they give (in my opinion) is way too creamy so I ended up drinking juice.

PLEASE don't let me put you off, it still was worth all of the above.

Colin C           

Hi there people.

My partner and I booked our trip to Athens through Smile Tours on the Main Strip in Laganas. Our tour guide was Costas, who worked for T.E.Z.

He was great, very well informed and had an answer for every question he was asked.

Very well worth the 79 Euros each that we paid (52 each).

The hotel was ok I guess but the room was more like a broom cupboard.

Just a word of warning though, we set out at about 7am, and we hadn't eaten, we didn't get to eat til about 10am at our first stop point. So I'd suggest taking some snacks along with you, because when we got up at 6am, nowhere was open for us to get breakfast so we had to wait a long while before getting a bite.

Anita B           

Athens are beautiful, specially now because of the olimpic games. The parthenon is amasing. The other things we unfortunately saw just from the bus, but it pays going there just because of the Acropolis. The old part of town is magic, specially going by night.
Being so close to the Athens you should go there.

Jon M           

we booked our tour with peter on main street argasi, cost 89euros each,
stayed at the athens gate hotel, breath taknig views from the roof garden at night see both the acropolis and the temple of zeus, stopped twice on the way to athens one at a service station for breakfast and the second at the corinth canal, (wonder of the world) it was amazing. once at the hotel we got 2 hours to freshen up and visit the temple of zeus across the road cost 2euros. then our guide Costas took us on a trip aroud the plaka (Old town)then once again 2 hours shopping time. then it was onto the greek night resturant cost extra 26euros meal was not very good but great atmosphere.
late night followed by early morning wake up at 6am to take a bus tour of the city then on to the acropolis, cost 9 eruos free if under 19 students and oaps 1/2 price. spent two hoiurs here could have sopent the day. you cant use a flash inside the museum so take a disposable camera if you cant turn your flash off. was really good inside.. dont forget the suncream as its very hot outside museum was air conditioned tho.. on the way back home we stopped off at petras to see the patriot saint of scotlands church, inside was excellent well worth a visit. overall very good trip worth every penny.. one tip tho dont sit in the window seats at the front upstairs in the coach very warm !!!!!!

Nigel C           

We also booked this with local agent (Smile) for 89. As for the trip - the ferry tickets showed 5 each way, there's a 5 hour trip on the coach with 2 stops at places similar to motorway services (would you get any better in England?) - the views of the mountains are great from here. There's a stop at the Corinth canal (walk over it).
We got to Athens at about 3pm. Fortunately, we were at the Athens Gate Hotel sandwiched between the Temple of Zeus and the Acropolis (much more comfort than the Candia and closer to the Acropolis too).
We had until 6:30 before we were going into old Athens so we walked across the road (taking our lives in our hands) to the Temple of Zeus - it was amazing. Went into Athens with Kostas on the evening and paid an extra 26 for a meal/wine and music/dancing on stage.
Up early next morning for trip to Acropolis. Our guide took us up to the top and gave us a long history speech then left us to do our own stuff for 30 minutes or so. We walked around, went to the museum and walked around again.
Then it was back on the coach for the return journey. Stopped at the entrance to the Corinth Canal for lunch. Then stopped again at Patras for a break. Got back to Zakynthos at about 7pm.
If you do this trip, make sure you leave the following day free as you'll need a rest.
We will be going back to Athens but maybe not this excursion. We got engaged on the Acropolis so will want to spend a bit more time there next time.
Well worth a visit though. It's a lifetime event going to Athens. I don't know many people who've been but know lots who'd love to go.

Gerry C           

Firstly I would like to echo other peoples comments about booking this trip. Do not book through your holiday rep. We were quoted 140 per person, but booked it through one of the local companies at 89 per person ( quite a saving !!). The trip itself takes about 1 hour by ferry to the mainland, then about 5 hours to Athens ( including 2 stops ). Our guide Costas kept everyone very well informed and we did not feel the time passing. We stayed in the Achillion. It was excellent with everything you would expect of a 4* hotel. Others on the trip stayed in the Candia (see other comments on this page), there was some renovation work being carried out, presumably with the Olympics up and coming. I would not recommend this trip for anyone with walking difficulties or young children as there is a fair amount of walking involved, but it is the best way to see the sites. I will not go into detail as it might spoil your discovery of a city so steeped in history. Overall, we found this trip to be very well planned and very good value for money. Finally, a big thank you to Costas (our guide) for the great job he did.

Paula S           

Well what a let down this was! When we arrived in Zante at the beginning of May this was the first excursion we booked as we thought it would be amazing. How disappointed we were. Firstlt, it takes around 6 hours to get there. 1hr and 20 mins by a dirty cramped ferry and 4 hours plus by a coach with bad air conditioning. The two stop offs for lunch/coffee were poorly organised and the places they stopped at were a dump. The Corinthian Canal was beautiful and one of the only good things worth seeing. Never mind, we thought, we're about to arrive at our 5 star, air conditioned hotel in the centre of Athens. Fawlty Towers didn't have a look in!! They split the coach into two groups, one group were going to the Athens Gate Hotel in the Placa (centre) and the other (our group) were going to the Candia Hotel. The Candia Hotel was on the outskirts of the city and I knew when we arrived outside it wasn't going to be good. It looked filthy from the outside. When we arrived in the reception area it looked a bit better and i hoped my instinct was wrong. Turn the stairs and bam! What a dirty, filthy, poorly kept hotel. The carpets were so dirty and stained, you were in danger of sticking to them! Got to our room where there was grafitti all over the door,the carpets were ripped, burnt, stained etc. The surfaces were dirty and sticky and the sheets were stained and unwashed. There was no air conditioning and the "view" was into a manky street. I had to complain to the guide and we were offered a different room (grudgingly) on the fifth floor which was at least clean and had obviously been refurbished quite recently. The "roof garden and pool" was another joke! When you went up to the 6th floor and outside it was a complete building site! There was rubble and tools everywhere and no barrier at the roof side, no signs or warning signals that it was a sheer drop to the ground below and I dread to think what could have happened if a child had ran out for a look. It wasn't just unclean and falsely advertised, it was downright dangerous! The "pool" was a tiny empty hole in the ground! Despite the fact that I enjoyed seeing the sights the following day, I was enraged by what we had been sold and felt duped and ripped off. I wouldnt say that it's a good trip for children either due to the incredibly long, hot journey to get there and the amount of walking involved the following day. A few of our party were unable to visit the Acropolis the following day due to the steep hills and sheer amount of climbing/walking involved. The other party who went to the Athens Gate hotel said there hotel wasn't much better than ours although I think it was at least clean. The Candia Hotel is in a no go area of the city. A five minute walk outside the door to the left leads you to a square where drugs were being openly sold on the street and you were being eyeballed by the local junkies and alcoholics. Be very careful. I wouldn't advise going into this area as we were scared stiff and it meant we were stuck in for the rest of the day and night. If you book this trip, I would ask what hotel you are going to be put it and stress the fact theat if the services advertised are not offered then you want a full refund. Good Luck! Incidently, some people on our trip had done it before and said it was far better but the it had gone way downhill.

Gillian F           

Hi. I am going to Zante in June 2004 for the first time. It sounds great. I am thinking of doing the Athens trip. Can someone let me know if it is suitable for children. I will be taking my 4 year old. Don't know if she will be able for the travelling.


Margaret B           

Please please please, do not book this trip with your holiday rep. Go to any local tour operator. You will not be ripped off. The holiday reps - JMC Thomas Cooke etc. only make commission and you are all together at the same hotel looking at the same Athens!

Margaret B           

I have written my comment previously and just added some photos. I would love to see some photos from other people who went on the Athens trip. From reading different comments it looks as though the agenda changes sometimes as does the hotel. I will definitely go again in September although 2 days just isn't long enough and the photographic opportunities are so vast, as are the wonderful memories which stay throughout the coming year.

Gail H           

All the excursion operators do exactly the same trips unless they change their prices, the Cavo Grosso was the cheapest we found. This is located at the top of the lane from the Antonis Apartments next to the Angels bar.

Cost 75

Fantastic trip well worth the time and money. It is very tiring and a lot of time spent on the coach but the Acropolis is worth every minute of it. The hotel we stayed in overnight is right in the middle of Athens but not very close to any restaurants or tourist areas, but saying that it only took us 10-15mins to walk to an area that was full of fabulous street cafes. Before you arrive at the hotel they try and sell you tickets to the Greek night, up to you but I would not recommend it. It costs either 16 or 19 depending on which meat choice you go for, but then when you get in there each drink costs you 6.

We stayed at the Dorian Inn if you end up in the same hotel you must go to the roof top pool bar area the view is breathtaking, you can see the Acropolis from the roof and is worth a beer jus to sit and look at it all lit up. After that leave the main entrance of the hotel and turn right, keep walking until you come to a sort of square area with a metro station (oh yes there is a goodys burger place and a KFC here) go past these and take the first road to you right keep walking until you reach another square. If you go around 9.00pm is you cant miss it because of the hussle and bussle and noise it was brilliant. We sat all night in a restaurant and had a great meal for a few Euros with a beer.

Margaret B           

I have been to Athens on the excursion with Pelargos and Spring Tours both offices based in Kalamaki. Last October I went with Spring Tours and we stayed at the Oscar Inn Hotel. This year in June I went with Pelargos Tours. Helena of Pelargos Tours told me that if Costas was our guide we would have a lot of fun! We certainly did! I travelled alone because my daughter and grandaughter didn't fancy a two day trip but I was never alone and I met lots of lovely people from Ireland and Leicester. I have many colourful photographs to share of the beautiful Agia Andreas (St Andrew)church where we made a 1 hour coffee stop. The Corinthian Canal where we stopped for lunch on the way to and from Athens. We were up very early next morning for the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Wonderful to watch this, you can go really close to the very tall handsome guards in their spectacular uniforms. Many famous buildings and statues were pointed out to us on our journey through Athens centre to the highlight of our trip,the fantastic views and archeological site of the Acropolis. Our guide up on the sacred rock of Acropolis was Angela. She is excellent and very articulate. It is a bit of a rushed schedule but you can always catch up on lost sleep on the coach journey! I confess to only having 1 hours sleep because Costas took some of us up on the rooftop bar and pool at the Oscar Hotel where we drank cocktails, and danced to Irish music till 3.30 am! We had a fantastic evenings entertainment with live music, singing dancing and belly dancing with drinks and meal inclusive for 10 euros each! Excellent value. The trip is very good value and it gives you an introduction of what Athens is like in a very short time so that you will have the confidence and inspiration to visit again and spend more time there, which I have done already.

Michaela S           

we booked with dionosis tours they were great you had a full tour on the morning before you go back to zante. there is a lot of travelling involved. we were also lucky enough to see a cruise ship pass through the corinth canal it was absolutely amazing to see. this is a trip i would recomend you don't miss out on.

Diane B           

I have done this trip twice now, once in 1998 from Argassi, then again in 2001 from Tsilivi. Thought it was a fantastic place both times. The first time I was with my sister and we were a bit scared so we didn't really do much the afternnon we got to Athens (you arrive around 3:00) a older couple took us under their wing and we went to see the changing of the guard. The reps basic tell you to go out with them in the evening for your meal, the coach comes and picks you up, but it was not a good meal. the food was below avarage and you get rushed through ready for the next coach load of brits arriving from the islands. The organised excursion the next day takes in the things that most people want to see in Athens. The guides were very good on both trips. Even though I went from seperate resorts with different operators I was in the same hotel both times. I think the hotel is used purely for this trip. The reps tell you that it is right in the middle of the red light district ( which it is, but so is virtuallly the whole city) I think this is a ploy to make you go on the evening meal with them, and then stay in the hotel bar drinking (ie reps get lots of commision. However it was quite entertaining sitting on my balcony timing men coming in and out of the brothel opposite.
When I returned with my boyfriend we were much more braver. We wondered of into Athens in the afternoon and visted some fantastic museums etc that you would otherwise not have been able to do. We ended up in the Plakas under the acopolis (stuuning views) sitting under a olive tree drinking beer. The owner was lovely. We then wondered back to the hotel a good 45 min away to be greeted by a frosty rep saying we didn't have time to change for dinner the coach was leaving for the restaurant in 5 mins. We told her we wouldn't be attending we were going of on our own and she was not happy. Anyway we browsed through the leaflets in reception and picked a restaurant in the plakas to go to and got reception to order us a cab. The taxi driver didn't know the resataurant but said he would take us to one that he and wife attended regulary in the plaka so of we went. We pulled up outside a beautiful building stunning views again of the acropolis and the taxi driver spoke to the woman on the door and managed to get us in. It was packed out and we were the only english people there, but all the greeks were sitting on big long tables swigging ouzo by the bottle and we soon got roped in. Then the traditional dancers came out. they were better than any I have ever seen. We finally got back to the hotel about mid night. The next day the entire coach was well jealous as they had had a crap meal and were home by 9:00. Many had walked out of the restaurant and gone across the road to macdonalds as the food was better there than whwt they were been served.

Bernie M           

Thanks for that Criss. Didnt go when we were over in May and now I am glad........and I saved myself 108Euro x 3!!!

Criss K           


Bernie M

Would love to go back to Athens, what is the best agency to book with. I want to stay very central and have some free time to ourselves. oh and also what does it cost!
Thanks a million.

Tommy S

i am going to alykanas in aug .want to book trip with manfredas,but could u tell me if u have to go to greek night many thanks

Mike E           

we booked with alykes agent Manfreda, HE IS A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone should book with him, he is funny and will give you the best from this great and amazing excursion. the acropalyse is tremendous and all accomodation facilities are good, non uncomfortable!!! this is well worth doing, EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY!!!!!! we love MANFREDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win&bob T           

We booked with Thomsons and it was excellent value for money. Joanna was the perfect guide who loves her Greece and shares her love with you. Most informative It was the highlight of a really good holiday

June Y           

We loved this trip it was well worth every euro, booked through our airtours rep, it was a comfortable journey and our rep explained the length and stop overs very well. The hotel in Athens "Athens Central" was clean, comfortable and the rooftop bar had absolutely stunning night time views of the Acropolis. Walking around Athens was amazing, we ended up both in the good and bad bit of town, the petshops were a bit emotionally upsetting, but apart from that Athens is a great city. The second day brought a fantastic buffet breakfast and an early visit to the Acropolis with a very good but nutty guide, who can not be failed to be gobsmacked by the Acropolis it is fantastic, we then had a tour around the major points of Athens on the coach then a stop at the Corinth Canal on the way home, we cannot rate this trip enough, if you get the chance to go then do. A few people in our hotel, booked their, trip off the road side rather than through their rep and found that they were encouraged to then spend lots of extra money on a Greek Night in Athens. We did not have this problem.

Fran H           

We booked this trip through Tsilivi travel and found it was well worth every penny (Euro) spent. Be prepared for sitting on a bus for a long period of time, as the trip is a fair old jaunt. However there were two stops on route, one for a coffee stop, and one for a meal. You arrive late in the afternoon and have enough time for a shower and a short rest (in the overnight hotel) Then off to a restaurant for and evening meal. As there is no light show this year, we were treated to a "Greek night". I found this a slight drag as we were there for a few hours and I found it difficult getting enthusiastic about people singing in a foreign lingo. The following day takes on the trip to the Acropolis (small additional charge, but well worth it) I can only say OUT OF THIS WORLD....... even my kids loved it, and I thought they would consider it a pile of old rocks. Our on site guide was absolutely fantastic with bags full of info. Our Guide on the bus was ok, but I have had better........ All in all, this is A MUST DO TRIP, and will remember this for the rest of my life..... EXCELLENT

Jon & Kay           

We booked through Tsilivi Travel on the TEZ Bus. The trip was great, the guide (Sophie) was fun and she took us to a great greek night in athens. Everything was well planned and you do need to see the acropolis as early as possible as it gets really hot! If you go out in Athens without the coach - Get a Taxi to take you to and from the Plaka as the streets inbetween arent much fun in the heat!

Ann M           

We booked this trip through our Thomson rep. TIP: If you are thinking of going - take a holdall or similar (we only had our two huge suitcases but are grateful to Alan our rep for loaning us an overnight case) Be prepared for a lot of travelling and our bus was very cramped (hardly any leg room but fortunately there were a lot of spare seats so we got one each!) Take plenty of currency with you as the admission charges to Delphi and the Acropolis are not included in the excursion cost- you will need 21 euros each for these + money for evening meal and lunch. Our hotel was excellent but in a very rough area of Athens so be prepared for this! The view from the roof top restaurant/bar was fantastic. We loved the Acropolis (pity about the scaffolding though)and the views from here over the entire city were great.A special mention for our excellent guide on this trip, Joanna who was so friendly and knowledgable (hope your toothache got better Jo, and it wasn't an abscess!) A very long and tiring couple of days but very worthwhile with some wonderful memories. Highly recommended.

Annette H           

My daughter and I went on this trip which we booked through our JMC rep. It is a lot of travelling, but it is worth it. I would rather not have bothered seeing the changing of the guard, we went to the original Olympic statium. Toured the city by bus and lastly visited the Acropolis, which we LOVED. Got picked up 7am Tuesday, got back about 7pm Wednesday. Actually in Athens from 4pm Tuesday and left Athens around 12 noon Wednesday. It cost about 100 for my 12 year old and I (she was priced as a child)

Mick O           

EXCELLENT!!!! Well worth £50 each.

Philippa S           

We went on this trip with Airtours. It involved a lot of travelling (around 1-1.5 hours by ferry and then 4 hours by coach) but there were lots of stops along the way, which broke up the journey. We spent the free afternoon/evening exploring the Plaka area of Athens and also saw the changing of the guard and walked around the large park near the palace. The following day we visited the Acropolis and olympic stadium in Athens and Corinth canal on the way home. We really enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to anyone wanting a bit of culture!

Bob E           

We booked through local Alykes agent 'Manfredas' (adults £50, children £25) This included air-conditioned cach travel from the mainland to Athens and a stop at the Corinth Canal on route. We had B&B accommodation at the 3 star Oscar Hotel which had air-conditioning, a rooftop pool on the eighth floor with views of the Acropolis, en suite facilities, TV etc. The trip included optional evening entertainment, which we declined in favour of a chance to explore, and a guided tour of major sights including the Acropolis and Presidential palace. Our guide Helena was excellent. We all found it every absorbing and educational. Before leaving we had the chance to explore the flea market which was fun and cheap! This was without doubt an excellent trip and tremendous value.

Christine M           

Excellent value - went with Cosmos. Two coaches went - one Cosmos and one JMC. We went by ferry. Nice hotel with air-conditioning and a bath in Athens. Free time to shop or Cosmos arrange an evening trip. Visited Acropolis; Changing of the Guard; Original Olympic Stadium; Corinth Canal. My 7 year twins enjoyed it as much as we did. Although a highlight for them was McDonalds, where they got 2 toys each with their Happy Meal!

Louise B           

Had the most amazing time on this trip (AIRTOURS). The coach trip was quite long, but had sufficient stops, which broke the journey up a bit. We were given about 4 hours to explore Athens when we arrived. The underground is really hectic...use it if you dare! We climbed to the top of Lykavittos hill, which was strenuous, but worth every step, then to Plaka and then to see the changing of the guards. The next day we went to the Acroplois and to see the Olympic stadium. The trip was fantastic.

Jim S           

We left Laganas at 7.30am and arrived in Athens 3.00pm with regular stops in an air conditioned coach, Booked with 'Spring tours' we had a very good guide who took care of everything. hotel was good 'Hotel Oscar Inn'and the tour content was excellent, the cost £55 each but the evening food and entertainment extra, in our case £40. Total for tour (for two)£150,don't miss it.


Charlie - as far as i know, no one runs a trip to Athens by plane. Youcan book your tickets with OlymoicAirways from various agencies around the island, but once in Athens, it is up to you although some agencies may also be able to book accommodation for you there.

Charlie B

Hi, does anyone know of or been to Athens for a 2 day trip by plane? The coach sounds lovely if you pick the right one but out of interest does anyone offer the same excursion with ravel by plane! Charlie

Suzanne H           

We went on a Wed/Thurs trip with Thomson, £65 adults, £42 kids (admission to ancient sites about £10 per adult extra, kids free). On the way we stopped at Epidavrus (ampitheatre), Mycene and Nafplio before crossing the Corinth Canal to Athens. We stayed in a 4star hotel in the Omonia district (red light). Next day we visited the running track where the Olympic flame starts, the Parthenon, the changing of the guard and the Plaka (flea market). It was a very busy trip but our 10 year old enjoyed it, probably not suitable for younger kids! Very good value for money, guided tours included, lots of info given!


Laurie - Bus to Athens takes 6 hours in total and stops only in Patras, a motorway service station, and the Athens Bus Garage. It is 4 hours bus, 1-1.1/2 hours ferry, 10/15 mins in Patras, and 30 mins at service station.

Laurie P

Oops, should have posted that under this heading. Does the bus from Zakynthos to Athens stop in downtown Athens?

Laurie P           

We leave for Agios Sostis on ZZakynthos in a few days. I read that the bus/ferry trip to Athens was only 3 hours. Not true by what I've read here. Does the bus drop you in downtown Athens?


Justin - there is a daily flight to Athens with Olympic Airways (offices in town and at the airport) which takes about 1/2 hour. There is a bus service up to 6 times a day which takes about 6 hours including ferry crossing.

Anita G           

we went 3 yrs ago and appart from the long coach journey (it got a puncture) it was well worth it. cost approx £70. Athens is great but very busy. we found it best to only croos roads when the locals did that way the cars stopped. go for it, we would again.

Sally H           

My three daughters (13yrs & 20yrs)and I went three years ago, long coach trip broken air conditioning in coach kept spilling water everywhere great fun!! Corinth canal wonderful as is Athens you must see the soldiers changing the guard in their pom-pom shoes and mini skirts you need cam corder,yes it is a long trip but well worth every penny to see the sun rise from the Acropolis. Go for it.

Adrian G           

Athens is a beatifull city and the excursion is well worth the money, the only draw back is the traveling time 2 and from Athens witch is between 5-8hrs each way but apart from that well worth it

Paula L

we aer going to laganas on the 24th of may and the excursion to athens is a highlight i look forward to. could you please let me know rougly how much it costs per person for the 2 days and what athens is like!!!

Carole M           

Highly recommended.

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